Theory: Donald Trump is a Time Traveler


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Howdy, I'm new here and thought I'd share this since I haven't seen any threads on it in this particular website.
So it would come to pass that there were books from hundreds of years ago about the Marvelous Adventures of Barron Trump and his dog Bulger. I cannot post links as this is my first post, however these books are real and can be confirmed. They were written by a lawyer and author named Ingersoll Lockwood. The character looks exactly like Baron Trump and is guided by someone named Don, the "master of all masters," and in addition to this one of the books is called "The Last President" and
mentions that he will be opposed by anarchists and socialists and that he lives in a tower on 5th avenue New York.

All this can be verified.....but.......there's more to it than this:

Donald Trump's uncle had access to all of Tesla's notes. Tesla was working on creating a method of time travel. He didn't fully succeed but came extremely close.
The theory is Trump was rich enough to fund the projects further and make a time machine. Another theory is he gained access to black ops tech as president. Trump recently stated in an interview that he knows about what happened in Roswell but is not sure about declassification of the real incident.

Discuss and enjoy. This is not intended to either support nor bash Trump, this is just speculation. Another theory is that Trump is John Titor.
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