There's a strange unexplained crop formation in Cley Hill, Warminster, UK.

Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
One thing we are certain of Carl, is that the rock was definitely not a meteorite, because when they descend to Earth, its at a 45 degree angle, and never horizontally...There was a night i was travelling home along one of our motorways, when suddenly the whole sky turned literally into daylight...

I recall looking up to the sky and saw a black object with fire coming out of the back of it, travelling horizontally...everything happened in about 15 seconds from dark to light then back to dark...Two days later the newspapers reported the incident after hundreds of people had witnessed it within about a 40 mile radius from where i was travelling back home....Newspapers said it was a part of an old satellite that was falling to Earth!...Not a single newspaper stated that it was travelling horizontally and not downwards o_0..
I have got somewhat overwhelmed by rocks travelling horizontally because they had already jeopardized the launching of a missile. It is on the internet. Jeopardize in a way which it put in jeopardy; hazard; risk; imperil: the lives of the military at the base. The missile exploded in middair at the launching site.
On another occasion one of those weird rocks darting horizontally cut the left wing of an airplane of FAB- Forca Aerea Brasileira, brazilian air force. i told the pilot survived for having ejected himself out of the plane. It was crowded on the air field while people enjoyed the demonstration. A teen age boy died two miles away from the metal fragments (debris) which fell onto his humble house.