This is the threat of searching space internet parallel universe internet

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Hello my name is Umut and im searching parallel internet if you have parallel internet
im 26 years old and can you help me get parallel universe internet=space internet

i have read government hiding the space internet
i have also read you can do it find parallel web whit You can do this with a device called a Quantum Vacuum help me how if there is a thread or video how
or where to buy it

i would like to know where we can find cyber space internet. i think i finded one name starlink from spacex.
and i would like to find a good cyber internet


You should try with the dark web , but I hardly think you won't be scammed big time there, anywasy I think that if somethign is really important to governament it surely won't beput on the internet, not even in a remote server somewehre in kazzibongo.


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I have read government hiding the space internet

Web 3.0 is in development as I've heard? It's to be rolled out in year or so.

cyber space is another name for the Internet, same thing.

The deep web refers to business intranets, often only available over VPN connections provided by the business.

The dark web means URLs that are not hosted with a domain name, so you can only find it by IP address, (not googleable) or by secure Onion links on the Tor network using a Tor browser.