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Time Bandits


Quotes from the movie time Bandits

Randall (David Rappaport): Do you want to be leader of this gang?

Strutter (Malcolm Dixon): No. We agreed, no leader.

Randall: Right. So shut up and do as I say.

Randall: You see, to be quite frank, Kevin, the fabric of the universe is far from perfect. It was a bit of botched job, you see. We only had seven days to make it. And that's where this comes in. This is the only map of all the holes. Well, why repair them? Why not use them to get stinking rich?

Pansy (Shelley Duvall): Help! Robbers!

Og (Mike Edmonds): Hey! That's us!

Robin Hood (John Cleese): The poor are going to be absolutely thrilled. Have you met them at all?

Randall: Who?

Robin Hood: The poor.

Randall: The poor?

Robin Hood: Oh, you must meet them. I just know you'll like them. Charming people. Of course, they haven't got two pennies to rub together, but then, that's because they're poor.

Kevin (Craig Warnock): I'll never get the chance to meet Robin Hood again.

Randall: Oh, stop moaning. He's obviously a dangerous man, unbalanced if you ask me. Giving away what isn't even his!

Kevin: That's what Robin Hood always did. Even I know that.

Randall: Of course, you know it all.

Kevin: He was one of my heroes.

Randall: Heroes! Heroes! What do they know about a day's work?

Evil Genius (David Warner): When I have the map, I will be free, and the world will be different, because I have understanding.

Robert (Derek deadman): Understanding of what, master?

Evil Genius: Digital watches. And soon I will have understanding of videocassette recorders and car telephones. And when I have understanding of them, I shall have understanding of computers. And when I have understanding of computers, I shall be the Supreme Being! God isn't interested in technology. He knows nothing of the potential of the microchip or the silicon revolution. Look how he spends his time: forty-three species of parrots! Nipples for men!

Robert: Slugs.

Evil Genius: Slugs! He created slugs! They can't hear, they can't speak, they can't operate machinery. If I were creating the world, I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodils. I would've started with lasers, eight o'clock, day one.

Evil Genius: If you're wrong, Benson, my revenge will be slow and unpleasant. I will turn you inside out over a very long period of time.

Benson (Jerold Wells): Oh, thank you, master, thank you!

Kevin: referring to an ancient Greek king. The money wasn't important to him.

Randall: He didn't have anything to spend it on, did he? Stuck out in Greece. Lowest standard of living in Europe.

Evil Genius: Suddenly I feel very very good.

Benson: Oh, sorry, master.

Evil Genius: It'll pass, it'll pass.

Ogre (Peter Vaughan): tossing out a fishing net. There used to be a time when you could be sure of catching old boots, cans, hat racks, boxes. Now it's prawns all the bloody time.

Evil Genius: I have the map! And the day after tomorrow, the world!

Evil Genius: I feel so bad, Benson.

Benson: Good, good.

Evil Genius: Yes, it is good. For this is the worst kind of badness that I'm feeling.

Evil Genius: Oh Benson, dear Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence.

Supreme Being (Ralph Richardson): dead? No excuse for laying off work.

Wally (Jack Purvis): Do you mean you knew what was happening to us all the time?

Supreme Being: Well, of course. I am the Supreme Being. I'm not entirely dim.

Kevin: You mean you let all those people die just to test your creation?

Supreme Being: Yes, you really are a clever boy.

Kevin: Why did they have to die?

Supreme Being: You might as well say, Why do we have to have evil?

Randall: Oh, we wouldn't dream of asking a question like that, sir.

Kevin: Yes, why do we have to have evil?

Supreme: Being Ah, I think it's something to do with free will

Kevin: Mom! Dad! It's evil! Don't touch it!



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Time Bandits

Hey Phoenix.... That was such a COOL film ;) ........ Gary


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Time Bandits

And of corse produced by the GREAT late George Harrison! :)


I never heard about that movie. I may check it out one day, it looks funny.