Time Crystals

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Temporal Engineer
Zeshua goes way back. A hoaxer that was caught many times at TTI by RainmanTime. Zeshua's modus operandi was to edit previous posts to make it appear that predictions made had come true. Apparently a professed time traveler. But NOT!


Thank you Einstein.
A paragraph from yet another time crystal article saying apparently quantum computers may become more effective now. “As for the potential uses for time crystals, the qubits within quantum computers exhibit superposition, that is, they can exist in multiple states at one time. That means that data input into a quantum computer, stored within it, or output from it will change depending on when it is observed. By generating time crystals in quantum bits, it would make that data consistently viewable. In other words, it would allow users to view the exact data they need, with a large probability that it is correct.”