Time Dilation

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Time dilation involves pure energy stuck in a vacuum. This vacuum contains only neutrinos traveling at 2.4 upside down triangle the speed of light. There are 18 realms involved with time dilation. And I don't mean time like on a clock. I mean tyme dilation, pure energy. These realms are going to all collapse together within 2 years. We need just 1 electron to enter this pure energy to stop the collapse. Any ideas on how this can happen? Thanks


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Time is relative to earth, he dosn't exist in the univers
So speed of light = distance/ time ( that is zero)
Speed of light = distance / 0 = Error
Speed of time = 90 miles/ hours
But miles are only english
Speed of time = 90 english truc / hours
But an hours is only real on earth, hours dosn't e exist in the Univers . So
Speed of time = 90 english / 0 = error

Now we will demonstrate the speed of light multiplied by the speed of time to have time travel :

Time travel = Error × Error

With this fantastic result we will make tachyons-neutrinos and a vacuum in a germanium transistor certified by a super brain that we shut up his name with the base emmiter equation modulated by Time travel result:

ib=f(Vbe) × Error × Error
Ib= Error;

Until we have reach the saturation point of this little poor tiny germanium transistor that support a big coil of 100000 km, named Vsat

Vsat in germanium transistor = 0,2v

So the final equation of saturated transistor for time travel is

Final equation of the saturated transistor for time travel = 0,2 × Error

Final equation of the saturated transistor for time travel = Error

Now we will make a vortex of super dilated time travel transistor that emit now dark smoke and fire :

Vortex = sin ( time travel× transistor)
Vortex = sin ( error×error)
Vortex = sin ( error)
vortex = error

Now the vortex collapse at 0,1 second the house is under fire and we call beny hill to save the rest of the walls.

He arrive with an electron gun to put in the time dilated supported by the rest of the germanium transistor

ev = time dilatation × time travel
ev = 0,1 × error
ev = error

Now, everythink is burn, the electron gun can be usefull to kickchening somes birds, do not forget the cats they love bird too.
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