Time Machine Basics (What IS time?)

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John A

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Aug 27, 2017
As some may already know, I am here from 2043 in order to have a time machine built and commercialized so that no country, organization, or specific person may own the idea of a time machine. This is for complicated, but explained reasons. In other words, everybody owns the idea of time machines (although that is not legally permissible in the United States as far as commercialization goes, it is a simple way of explaining things.)

So, the fastest way in my opinion would be to have a lot of different people build time machines.

The first thing that must be taught to you is what time actually is.

The common person would say that time is something linked with space, where things happen at a particular 'time'. They would also say that time only ever moves forward.

However, this is wrong.

Before I get into deep explanation, I will explain in short that time has basically already happened. Your future, your past, and now has happened already.

Time being something that has to move forward with an undetermined future, that is determined by the events directly prior is completely incorrect.

Rather, think of it as a graph.

There are three axis, each extending indefinitely.

The x axis represents time, the y axis represents the divergence number of a world line,
and the z axis represents the world line.

So, how do we move on this graph?
More importantly... how do you think that you move to the 'future'?

You can move around in space, and when you move around happens because of time.

You can also move around in time. We just can't do anything other than move in the "positive x" indefinitely, at least, on our own.

Think of it this way: A human is just a complicated cellular structure whose particles communicate with other, similar cellular structures known as people.

Just because you can think, it doesn't mean that you're not just a bunch of particles.
Matter is never created nor destroyed, which means that the big bang predetermined everything.
So therefore, your future is predetermined, no matter how complicated you think it may be.
Of course, each world line has a slightly differing predetermined future, meaning that when you change world lines, you also change your future.

Having a predetermined future means that it is indeed possible to indefinitely travel to the past or future, given you have the equipment. Predetermination means that time ALREADY happened, everywhere. World lines are actually the result of what I like to call "reverse quantum mechanics", where two times can take place in the same space. Of course, it doesn't have to be two times. In our case, it's infinite times.

In totality, world lines happen because there are infinite times taking place in infinite spaces, and infinite spaces taking place in infinite times. Therefore, every possibility for a future is considered and occurs.

There will be no guide on what this means for how a time machine would be made, until I get to it on the Time Machine board.

To sum it all up, time travel is possible, we just can't move in time in other ways without a tool,
just as we can't fly without a plane. Additionally, time is not a single dimension of past to future, but is rather a 3 dimensional (or, theoretically more) plane in which world lines, divergence, and time are represented infinitely in all directions.

- John Alexanderson