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Dec 15, 2005
Taken from the T.E.C. archives.


It has been found that the frequencies 7.8 - 8Hz exist naturally in many things of nature including our own minds. The alpha state of the mind during an out of body experience is also 7.8Hz. Research into out of body experiences shows that it can be brought on or induced by several things:-
  • Meditation
  • Staring at a light that is being pulsed or flashed at 7.8Hz
  • Listening to a tape which has had alpha rhythms modulated on to it during recording.
  • Emitting a 7.8Hz frequency into the mind.
This device deals with the last option. The way these units are to be operated are by placing the time coil around the head, just above the eyebrows. Then while holding a pendulum in one hand over the unit and tuning the frequency control with the other, and at the same time thinking "what is the frequency that will transport my aura". When the pendulum starts to gyrate by itself, you have reached the correct setting. Now leave the unit alone, relax and you should have an OBE within an hour.

I was skeptical about this since it would mean that the device your mind and the pendulum are all interacting?

I built the device below and bought a pendulum. Having pre-tuned the unit to the 8Hz frequency, I reset it and preceded as above. I began tuning, the pendulum did nothing and then all of a sudden the pendulum started to gyrate all by itself. I put the pendulum down and placed my meter on the circuit. It read 8Hz! I did this again, and again it read 8Hz. The next time I changed my thought to "what is the frequency that will increase my intelligence". I tuned the circuit from zero right through its range, the pendulum did nothing. I tried again and nothing, so I changed my thought back to "what is the frequency that will transport my aura". Again while tuning, the pendulum started to gyrate, I stopped, checked the frequency and again it was 8Hz. What are the chances I could land on that frequency every time by chance. Also what force is gyrating the pendulum and how can it change with my thought?

I haven't left the unit on to see if it induces an OBE yet, I am more interested in these tuning aspects and mind interaction.

I have built the following circuit. I have had to use a couple of different components, though.

tecunit.gif TEC_1_A.jpg TEC_1_B.jpg TEC_1_C.jpg TEC_1_E.jpg TEC_1_F.jpg


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Jan 26, 2017
"I have built the following circuit. I have had to use a couple of different components, though."

Hey Num7,
Just curious, where did you add the double terminated quartz crystal in your completed unit (In relation to the schematics)


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Dec 18, 2011
yeah 7.8hz is used cuz it's the only wavelength that can permanently bounce in the earth-ionosphere cavity perpetually. The longitudinal 7.8hz wave is the real secret.

That one flows into and out of every particle on the planet is en-trains their time frequency together. Other sized planets like mars has a different schumann resonance cuz it's a different size planet. Means the base time frequency of all matter is based on the size of the planet and thereby the schumann resonance frequency. An ELF wave.

That's the base frequency of the energy grid as well which comes from the earth inner sun. ANY longitudinal 7.8hz wave gets resonantly amplified by the world energy grid. Since your brain emits secret longitudinal photons you can amplify intent this way.

Any sufficiently strong enough longitudinal wave alters time.

Since this will amplify your intent, you can sabotage your goal easily.