Time Travel novel im writing

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Time Travel novel im writing

Hey, for some time now i have been writing a romance novel about time travel, i dont have a title yet, if you have a good title, please tell me. The novel is about a romantic couple, Mandy and Darek. Both go to high school, and after Dareks AFJROTC military ball, he goes to a party and gets shot and killed by a friend of his who happens to be drunk at the time. Mandy, greatly upset by this goes back in time using one of Dareks techniques, and finds herself in her younger selfs body, and there she starts to alter a lot of events, hopefully finding out if anything she does alters the timeline. Once im finished with this one, im going to write another one in which Mandy gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and Darek must either find a way to save her or one of them goes back to try to alter the event. I will see if i can post some chapters once i get them completed. Right now i am writing Chapter 10. Im going to see if i can wirte four or five more chapters today. One of which will be the chapter in which Mandy goes back in time, which probably will be the longest chapter in the novel.