Schematics Time Travel Radionics Machines

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Taken from the T.E.C. archive files.

Radionics Machines

It stands to reason, that almost any type of radionics machine can be used for physical time travel, provided that the unit itself has been grounded. In other words, if the unit is not grounded, all you are going to be achieving is an out of the body experience, unless you are psychically well endowed. However, for those who are not psychically well endowed, I suggest that you ground the unit to an artificial grid point. Now the reason for doing this, is because, not only are you programming your own chakra points, but you are also programming the earth's consciousness as well.

Warning!!! Never under any circumstances should you ground a radionics machine to a natural grid point. The reason for this lies in the fact, that entities have been seen coming out of these grid points, and for this reason it could get you possessed. So basically, if you are going to ground anything, it's best that it be grounded to an artificial grid point. Those natural grid points are dangerous!!! remember!!!. This rule also apply's to the biotronic oscillator.

Note: If you do decide to build an artificial grid, it should be built according to the schematic.

Artificial Grid Point


When building the artificial grid point, make certain that the copper tubes being used, are 3 to 6 feet in lenght. Otherwise you will have a puny grid point, and if it is too small, it may not work. Also, wrap each of the tubes with plastic wrap, leaving the copper end caps exposed. This way when you overlap the copper tubes, you will not short out the grid point, thus making it inoperative.

For those who are radionic enthusiasts, here are time travel units for physicall time travel. These devices will in fact transport you physically through time, provided, that the unit has been properly grounded and tuneddd, and that the person's desires are in accordance with god's will. If your intentions are bad, nothing will happen. Therefore it is always best to have the purest of thoughts, otherwise you may be in for a big surprise!!!

It should also be pointed out, that the devices which are shown, range from the super simple to the super complex, but just because they are more complex, doesn't necessarily mean that they will work better. The simple units may work just as well as the more complex series, so it really doesn't matter as to which unit you build, just so long as you abide by the previous rules.

Time travel unit A-1


Time travel unit A-2


Time travel unit A-3


Time travel unit A-4


Time travel unit A-5


Time travel unit A-6



King Ivan
Are you 100% sure that any type of radionics machine can be used for time travel? Because I've always been wondering that if radionics machines can be used for time travel, why do many people think time travel is impossible?


Yes I believe that any radionics machine can be used for time travel. Many of them are already used for astral time travel so physical time travel can also be attempted. I believe that each machine comes with its own set of instructions, so having success with each one will vary and can be achieved through thorough experimentation and a lot of practice. The user must therefore be patient to have results. The success from using these types of machines also comes from the user's faith in these machines. If the user has faith in them, then he or she can achieve good results with them. It also depends on how spiritually inclined the user is. Spiritually inclined users will see greater success than users who are not as spiritually inclined.


King Ivan
1) What exactly is an orgone accumulator and from where can I get one?

2) Should the radionics machine be grounded above the center of the grid point? Should it touch the copper pipes?

3) Does the rubbing plate have to be connected to the machine?

4) Should the copper pipes be placed on top of each other?

John Daveit

New Member
In the case of Radionics below two articles(IMHO) are the best scientific approach on Radionics I have found on the web, I fully recommend studying and doing experiments explained in these two articles.

Plants & Radionic Currents
Ground Antennas
You will find that the true ground connection is a must for Radionics device to work easily and properly. I dont say Radionics devices do not at all work without ground but if you want faster results, I believe in using proper ground connection specially those mentioned in "Ground Antennas" article.

I personally believe that for such devices to work properly a real ground connection is necessary.

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walt willis

Senior Member
I don't know much about radionics, but I don't think just any radionics device can be used for time travel. Only some of them made for that purpose.

I'm curious to know what others think.
Interesting? I had Phil Corso's brother-in-law as my electronics teacher in high school and doctor Bent for my college electronics professor. I was an "A+" student that would spend many extra hours after class with them both. I'll share more soon. "Good post"...Thanks!