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Apr 27, 2005
Here is a list of all the time travel schematics available on Paranormalis.

Bajak Flux Capacitor
Schematics - Modified Versions of The Flux Capacitor
Discussion about the FluxCap: The John Bajak Flux Capacitor
Original FluxCap document: John Bajak Flux Capacitor Time Travel Circuit

Hyper Dimensional Resonator / HDR
Steven L. Gibbs HDR Instruction Manual
Schematics - Hyper-Dimensional Resonator
Schematics - Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR) T.E.C. Archive Files
Schematics - Yoshian1Z's Hyper Dimensional Resonator
Schematics - 'Secret' HDR Schematics
Schematics - How to construct a Hyper-Dimensional Grid Point
Schematics - HDR with Electric Motor and Orgone Accumulator

All the other schematics
Schematics - Atlantean Generator
Schematics - Capacitor Array Gravity Warp Drive
Schematics - Cosmic Diode
Schematics - Chronological Reflector
Schematics - Chronotron
Schematics - Delta Time Generator
Schematics - Delta-T Antenna (T.E.C.)
Schematics - Demat Cannon
Schematics - Ectoplasmic Oscillator
Schematics - Fluxatron
Schematics - Fluid Cartridge
Schematics - Fluid Chamber
Schematics - How to generate a Rotating Field
Schematics - Hyper Space-Time Portal
Schematics - Multi-Verse Resonator Construction Details
Schematics - Poo's Device
Schematics - Sonic Resonator
Schematics - Sonic Time Blaster (STB-60)
Schematics - T.E.C. Time Travel Unit
Schematics - T.T.O. Time Travel Unit
Schematics - Time Field Resonator
Schematics - Time Transposer
Schematics - Time Travel Radionics Machines
Schematics - Time Travel Unit 12/14/85
Schematics - Triode Projection Rod

you forgot another visual aid time travel device, called "a clock"