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id say frequency = 1 over t for time so take a 1 second cycle and slow it down so it takes say one hour and maybe that be the secret
but how do you slow a once cycle down to take longer to complete

I think the frequency would be separate to the 1/time cobber..

We need to know what type of frequency it was, would it be a Radio Wave frequency?....Or perhaps an Audio Wave frequency, which would require knowing what waveform was used, either sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, or sawtooth wave...We would also need to know the actual frequency of the Audio Wave or Radio Wave..

I believe the "time" would relate to the passage of Zero Time, as brought to us from Preston Nichols in his video called, Preston Nichols and the Delta Time Generator...Very briefly, the frequency of Zero Time starts off at Zero, and goes onto infinity....Quantum Tunneling is seen as the "roadway" of the frequency span of Zero Time, and the Delta Time Generator creates "chunks" or Pulses of time in the form of Square Waves, in order to find and create an open Vortex, also called a Worm Hole, that leads to another Reality..

The Delta Time Generator is an oscillator, that employs quantum tunnelling, and creates multiple Vortexes at the same time, from the limitless supply of harmonics coming from the Square Waves....The word Delta denotes change, therefore the DTG in this specific case, is a Pulse generator that changes the frequencies leading to Zero Time..
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