Time travel

Feb 10, 2020
I have a couple questions in regards to time travel.
Let’s say for the sake of this argument that it exists or will exist, why do people assume you’d be able to go back in time before you were even born or to the future to a time after your death? For me if a time machine was invented I believe it would be relative to the person using it so if someone wanted to go back to 1982 but they were born in 1983 then the machine wouldn’t allow it and if someone died in 2021 but wanted to go to 2023 it wouldn’t allow it because they didn’t exist in time at either of those moments. As for the whole jump into a spacecraft, travel at near speed of light and sit near a black hole for a couple days, that idea just seems stupid because even at said speeds you wouldn’t make it back to Earth in time to see the future of Earth, unless a black hole was literally next to Earth, but then wouldn’t that destroy Earth? Better yet even if the black hole wasn't near Earth wouldn’t the black hole destroy the spacecraft near it, therefore the spacecraft would have to be black hole proof. If it could survive but you were nowhere near Earth you’d have to then travel back to Earth, in fact I can’t even get into this too much because if you were only travelling for a year the world wouldn’t have aged that much I don’t think, I could be wrong, I just realised whilst typing that question leads to many many more questions . Going back to earlier about not being able to travel to before you were born, would a person then travel to an alternate timeline at the time they want to go to, travel to the original timeline and create a new timeline or travel to the past as yourself now and meet your young self (I understand, however, for this to happen it would have already happened. I think of course travelling to the future sounds more believable because we do it every single second of the day, we’re constantly going forward in time, however, why does it seem so farfetched to believe that we can go to the past, why do people heavily believe in forward time travel to a time that doesn’t actually exist yet, but seems ridiculously impossible to go to a time that actually did exist, albeit in our memories, which leads me to the idea that maybe travelling to the past can be accessed through memories, through some technology similar to something like assassins creed. Maybe we could view the past but can’t actually physically change it. In all honesty I have sooo many questions that I can’t even articulate properly what I want to say, but from what I’ve said hopefully someone could shed some light and tell me I’m wrong (I don’t mind that). I’m no physicist or anything like that, I’m just interested in things time travel related. Sorry for the long winded (possibly nothingness to an actual professional in this field) paragraph, I’m just intrigued.


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Feb 8, 2015
Yes it can appear strange going back in time before you were born, or going forward in time after your death..
Your birth and death is not recognised by any time machine, the time machine responds only to the time destinations that we set or compute for it to go to....