time traveler in vietman war...

Giorgio Armani

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hey Giorgio you might know my god father if your an old man in boston or in the marines. his name goes by R.G.C. ro bert ca rey... my godfather love him a lot we share the same birthday you know which makes it even more clearer. he was a heavy drinker at times but told lots of jokes racial as well I got most of my jokes from him. my mother told me stories of him when I was growing up that I would hide from his retainer. he would take it out and show it to me and id flip out. he knows a lot about me and I know more about him than he knows about himself. everyday things we talk about. when ever my parent go away on a cruise we would go out to pizza hut when I was a kid we still do he'd have me for a couple of days. I go to a day program in Massachusetts of mental health which I am typing this from. he swears he has nightmares in the middle of the night waking up in sweats of his war times haunting him. he killed 32 people with his machine gun. he never meant to though it was either there or to jail. they had no choice back then. he was very lucky. put it this way today's technology saves the past or show ever it goes. where was this what part of Vietnam?
The book is called the pale horse. And no im not as old as your god father or grandfather.