Time Traveler Who Has Been to The Future and Past

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Mar 4, 2016

We at ApexTV were sent this video from a supposed time traveler who has traveled to both the future and the past. In this clip, the alleged time traveler tells his story of traveling through time. He tells of some of the biggest problems that will soon be facing humanity, as well as how he has traveled into the past. Is time travel going to exist in the near future? What do you think?


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Aug 27, 2004
OK, so I've watched a few of these "videos" from Apex in the past few weeks regarding time travel. I have noticed a few things about them.
1: Most of the "time travelers" say that time travel is invented in 2028. This may be true...but since I am NOT from the future this remains to be seen.
2: A few of the videos seem scripted. By scripted I mean that the person being taped is clearly looking at cue cards of some sort. The eyes never lie folks.
3: Why is it that only Apex TV is getting these confessions from supposed time travelers? My theory is that just as the Professor indicated in the above post..it's all a bunch of garbage. Why would this site be the ONLY place around posting this drivel? I would say that they have some bored ass employees and they need hits to their site.

In almost all of the videos I have watched..the supposed claimant is going on and on about climate change, carbon dioxide levels, rising ozone....you get the picture. Yet none of them show ANY science to support their claims. In this latest video above...the claimant tells s that he is stuck here, unable to get back to 2028. So where is the time machine? Why not show it to us? Because you are an actor.

This Apex TV is the internet equivalent of the Weekly World News in my opinion. None of their videos offer any science, as usual we get the standard "I don't want to give away the future bit" from their actors...and the stories are all cut from the same mold. Hell, since you guys are paying for folks to lie on camera...call me. I don't need a cue card...I can improv you a yarn on the spot and it will be way better than the shit my eyes have been polluted with from your site.

So in conclusion....I give this one a grade of Nice Try...but better hoaxing next time.
Nov 29, 2004
An HDR can be modified, so that this machine would take him forward to his time. Talk to Steven Gibbs and a HDR user, by the name of Carlos N*vel*a, who used to post at the time travel institute, before change of ownership. An HDR can be modified to take him there, but it's a confidential process. So legally here, with time travel law, I have only indicated that this is possible in probability, but am not promoting it.


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Feb 8, 2015
I completely agree with you regarding the Apex TV Postings, but actually i like them as they make me laugh a lot, and consequently i really dont mind watching all of them (y) :LOL:..