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Hello, Here are my Predictions for the next 6 to 8 months

St. Louis Cardinals WILL win the World Series.

President George W. Bush Will win Election with a wider and undisputed margin.

Isarel will launch air strikes against one or two of Irans Nuclear Facilitys.

North Korea Will test its first Nuclear Device.


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Are you clarivoyant or something? Or, is this just what you think will happen?


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Originally posted by PyRo99@Oct 16 2004, 01:04 PM

Are you clarivoyant or something? Or, is this just what you think will happen?

Its Already Happend for me.



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11:01 PM [PyRo99] http://www.timetravelforum.net/forums/inde...p?showtopic=926
11:01 PM [scififan28] ln
11:01 PM [scififan28] llink
11:01 PM [scififan28] ty
11:01 PM [PyRo99] TimeJumper, are you a time traveller?
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11:01 PM [DadOf5] Hi Mud!
11:01 PM [timejumper_x] immaybe maybe not just watch my events unfold and judge for ur self
11:02 PM [Mudpuppy] I just brought you some philly cheesesteaks and some wawa coffee Dad
11:02 PM [Jovial_Kitten] your
11:02 PM [scififan28] her owe g again
11:02 PM [scififan28] here we go again
11:02 PM [DadOf5] lol, Thanks Mud
11:02 PM [sosuemetoo] Mud!
11:02 PM [timejumper_x] but the baseball thing is a sure bet dont u think
11:02 PM [Mudpuppy] hi sos
11:02 PM [Mudpuppy] i missed you
11:02 PM Jovial_Kitten meows at mud
11:02 PM [PyRo99] No.
11:02 PM [Mudpuppy] hey cat
11:02 PM [sosuemetoo] I missed you mud !
11:02 PM [PyRo99] I don't understand Time.
11:02 PM [scififan28] philly cheesesteaks :)
11:02 PM [PyRo99] How do you this has happend?
11:02 PM [Mudpuppy] one for you to soo scifi
11:02 PM [sosuemetoo] I'm so glad you are back Mud !
11:02 PM [scififan28] no thanks mud, i'm in philly lol
11:02 PM [timejumper_x] comeone the cards have the best record in the league
11:03 PM [virtualgirl] hey puppy
11:03 PM [Mudpuppy] lucky you sci
11:03 PM [timejumper_x] 105 wins
11:03 PM [scififan28] sure
11:03 PM [Mudpuppy] hi vg
11:03 PM [Mudpuppy] been finging anything good lately vg
11:04 PM [scififan28] isarel will launch strikes? what kind of strikes? "isarel"
11:04 PM [PyRo99] Thats odd.
11:04 PM [virtualgirl] Lucky strikes
11:04 PM [scififan28] lol
11:04 PM [timejumper_x] Air Strikes against Iran they have already deployed subs to the gulf or oman
11:04 PM [timejumper_x] of
11:04 PM [scififan28] ah ok
11:05 PM [scififan28] when will this happen?
11:05 PM [KiraSjon] and you know this how?
11:05 PM [sosuemetoo] Mudpuppy ... have you seen your hubby today ;)
11:05 PM [timejumper_x] 6-8 months after our elections
11:05 PM [scififan28] exact date please?
11:05 PM [timejumper_x] cant pin that down for some reason
11:05 PM [sosuemetoo] whoah and wait a second
11:05 PM [Mudpuppy] only when i brought the chicken home!!!
11:05 PM [scififan28] timejumper, you should read the previous tter hoaxes
11:05 PM [sosuemetoo] time are you claiming to be a time traveler?
11:06 PM [Mudpuppy] his butt had been glued to the couch
11:06 PM [KiraSjon] mom time said we would have to wait and see
11:06 PM [sosuemetoo] mudp mine too after various family events today
11:06 PM [timejumper_x] just watch my events unfold and decided for ur self i wont claim anything
11:06 PM [KiraSjon] :?
11:06 PM [sosuemetoo] No time we can't do that
11:06 PM [sosuemetoo] we have certain rules for time travelers
11:06 PM [scififan28] go sue
11:06 PM [Mudpuppy] you go girl.....sos
11:07 PM [Mudpuppy] snap that whip
11:07 PM [sosuemetoo] Either you state that you know the future and you are a time traveler or not.
11:07 PM [timejumper_x] ok
11:07 PM [Mudpuppy] yeah....I especially, am sick of vagueness
11:07 PM [sosuemetoo] and...
11:07 PM [Mudpuppy] you were right kitten
11:07 PM [Mudpuppy] one you get bite once....you don't so easily believe
11:07 PM [KiraSjon] it gets old quickly
11:07 PM [Mudpuppy] speaking of which
11:07 PM [timejumper_x] but who thinks the cards will go all the way
11:07 PM [Jovial_Kitten] it's just experience mudpuppy. it gets old after a while
11:07 PM [sosuemetoo] time, it doesn't matter what we think
11:08 PM [Mudpuppy] has any one seen snow tonight (hhe hee....snow are you at the bottom of the username list?)
11:08 PM [sosuemetoo] It matter what you are claiming here
11:08 PM [timejumper_x] i mean as baseball fans in general
11:08 PM [Mudpuppy] yep...that she blows
11:08 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] hi puppy
11:08 PM [sosuemetoo] okay time ... I'll bite ... Im a cards fan and they will go all the way.
11:09 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] im chatting pm with VG about jt's grandfater research
11:09 PM [sosuemetoo] time, are you a time traveller?
11:09 PM [Mudpuppy] hey snow.....
11:09 PM [KiraSjon] time - will you tell us how you've come to these conclusions?
11:09 PM [timejumper_x] yes
11:09 PM [Mudpuppy] looks like we have a potential tt in the chat room are you reading
11:09 PM [sosuemetoo] time you are a time traveler, type this out ... I am a time traveler
11:09 PM [PyRo99] LOL
11:10 PM [Mudpuppy] lol
11:10 PM [scififan28] LOL
11:10 PM [timejumper_x] I am a Time Traveller
11:10 PM Jovial_Kitten SCREAMS
11:10 PM [sosuemetoo] thank you time
11:10 PM [Mudpuppy] hot damn...we've got another live one!
11:10 PM [sosuemetoo] now there are new rules
11:10 PM [PyRo99] whoohoo
11:10 PM scififan28 sets the betting table up. "Who gives the kid four days? Five dollars! Who Gives me five dollars?"
11:10 PM [sosuemetoo] You will have your own thread
11:10 PM Snow_Fire_Watches hides
11:10 PM [Jovial_Kitten] come on. couldn't you have waited until after my birthday?
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11:11 PM [Mudpuppy] heggy just in time
11:11 PM scififan28 sets the chalkboard up
11:11 PM [KiraSjon] nice timing heffers
11:11 PM [TheHeggy] What's up?
11:11 PM [sosuemetoo] time do not say another word until you have read these rules okay?
11:11 PM [sosuemetoo] http://www.timetravelforum.net/forums/inde...php?showtopic=5
11:11 PM [KiraSjon] heggers toohahah
11:11 PM [timejumper_x] ok
11:11 PM [PyRo99] LOL. ChooChoo
11:11 PM [sosuemetoo] Let us know when you have
11:11 PM [TheHeggy] New time traveler?
11:11 PM [Jovial_Kitten] yeo
11:11 PM [PyRo99] Yup
11:11 PM [Jovial_Kitten] yep
11:11 PM [TheHeggy] Oh goody
11:11 PM [sosuemetoo] Pyro would you please make a new thread for our new time traveler?
11:11 PM [scififan28] i set the table up
11:12 PM [PyRo99] Hey sosue, im kinda busy right now, i've got a bad ass headache.
11:12 PM [PyRo99] Can you?
11:12 PM [PyRo99] I'll watch the chat.
11:12 PM [sosuemetoo] sure
11:12 PM [TheHeggy] One moment I need to reboot.
11:12 PM [Jovial_Kitten] pyro,hot washcloth.
11:12 PM [PyRo99] I know
11:12 PM [PyRo99] im getting one soon
11:12 PM [Jovial_Kitten] k :)
11:12 PM [timejumper_x] sosuem r u in STL or just a cards fan
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11:13 PM [sosuemetoo] Just a cards fan
11:13 PM [scififan28] timejumper: what year are you from?
11:14 PM [timejumper_x] 2105
11:14 PM [scififan28] wow far
11:14 PM [timejumper_x] just 100 years
11:14 PM [scififan28] just? mmm okay
11:14 PM [timejumper_x] somepeople have lived that long if ur ;uck
11:15 PM [timejumper_x] lucky
11:15 PM [PyRo99] Lucky...
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11:15 PM [TheHeggy] Did I miss anything?
11:15 PM [PyRo99] So, what happens in America?
11:15 PM [sosuemetoo] time I have your new thread http://www.timetravelforum.net/forums/inde...p?showtopic=928
11:15 PM [timejumper_x] thxs
11:15 PM [Mudpuppy] i wouldn't know I'm only 34....or is that 17....maybe even 8.5 now...
11:15 PM [scififan28] time, what happens to the world!?
11:16 PM [timejumper_x] somegood somebad we do make it to mars
11:16 PM [scififan28] please give some examples of what happens
11:16 PM [timejumper_x] well we go to mars by 2045
11:16 PM [KiraSjon] Time please keep in mind we have a rule about any terrorist predictions being prohibted
11:16 PM [scififan28] how do we get to mars? explain the method and engines
11:16 PM [timejumper_x] i know read that
11:17 PM [KiraSjon] k cool :)
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11:18 PM [timejumper_x] the project prometheus
11:18 PM [scififan28] oh? explain more please?
11:18 PM [KiraSjon] http://www.timetravelforum.net/forums/inde...php?showtopic=9
11:19 PM [KiraSjon] time - please also when you get a moment, take some time and fill out our questionaire
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11:19 PM [timejumper_x] will do
11:19 PM [KiraSjon] it'll get some of the major questions out of the way and you won't be quite so bombarded :)
11:19 PM [KiraSjon] thanks :D
11:20 PM [timejumper_x] its a nasa project just type in google or yahoo Project Prometheus
11:20 PM [PyRo99] Time, should the Department of Homeland Security be trusted?
11:20 PM [DadOf5] its a project going on now?
11:21 PM [timejumper_x] 60/60 up and runing
11:21 PM [timejumper_x] 50/50
11:21 PM [timejumper_x] i mean
11:22 PM [timejumper_x] DHS sould pe trusted its a new agancy and like all new agancies needs time the CIA wasnt born overnight
11:22 PM [timejumper_x] be
11:22 PM [TheHeggy] When did you arrive in this time, or are you TTing like hdrkid
11:23 PM [scififan28] interesting...
11:23 PM [timejumper_x] I cam back in 2003 to watch the elections unfold
11:23 PM [KiraSjon] so you've been here for awhile then
11:23 PM [timejumper_x] came
11:23 PM [DadOf5] how did you find this forum?
11:23 PM [timejumper_x] about a year
11:24 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] why the hack are all the tt's interested in this election?
11:24 PM [KiraSjon] where are you staying? in a hotel?
11:24 PM [timejumper_x] general Time Travel serch
11:24 PM [timejumper_x] search
11:24 PM scififan28 puts the betting table back on.
11:24 PM [timejumper_x] have a small apartment
11:24 PM PyRo99 places a bet
11:24 PM [scififan28] how long?
11:24 PM [scififan28] how much?
11:25 PM [PyRo99] 2 days
11:25 PM [PyRo99] 2 beers
11:25 PM [timejumper_x] iv been here sence 03 and about 400-500 rent
11:25 PM [TheHeggy] When you rent an apartment they do an employment check. Where do you work?
11:25 PM [timejumper_x] walmart
11:26 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] who will win this election
11:26 PM [scififan28] nice
11:26 PM [KiraSjon] how did you get ids and ss card
11:26 PM [TheHeggy] Are you the reason tto34 couldn't get his pictures? :D
11:26 PM [KiraSjon] lol heggy
11:26 PM [scififan28] heggy LOL
11:26 PM [scififan28] LOL
11:26 PM PyRo99 snickers
11:26 PM [timejumper_x] no comment lol
11:26 PM [scififan28] umm
11:26 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] cool get some employee stock in your name and when you get back to 2105 it will be worth millions
11:26 PM [scififan28] so you know tto34?
11:26 PM [KiraSjon] so you followed ttwd-40?
11:27 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] lmao heggy
11:27 PM [scififan28] kira :)
11:27 PM [KiraSjon] hehe junx scifi
11:27 PM [virtualgirl] I'm lost!!! :(
11:27 PM [KiraSjon] jinx too
11:27 PM [scififan28] jinx indeed lol
11:27 PM [KiraSjon] virtual, time is a new tt
11:27 PM [timejumper_x] so strickly observation mission
11:27 PM [KiraSjon] and is being nice and answering our questions :D
11:27 PM [timejumper_x] sorry i mean
11:27 PM [virtualgirl] oooh, coololio
11:27 PM [scififan28] huh?
11:27 PM [timejumper_x] sorry strickly observation mission for me
11:28 PM [KiraSjon] so what drew you to our boards?
11:28 PM [virtualgirl] everyone is observing....is this like a vacation?
11:28 PM [TheHeggy] When you rent an apartment, they use your SSN to run a credit check. How did you obtain a legitimate number?
11:28 PM [timejumper_x] working vacation for me
11:29 PM [timejumper_x] used old cash from archives
11:29 PM [scififan28] uhhh
11:29 PM [virtualgirl] can I have some?
11:29 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] me too
11:29 PM [sosuemetoo] okay
11:29 PM [sosuemetoo] I have dado logging
11:29 PM [sosuemetoo] but I'm dealing with real life here
11:29 PM [scififan28] good
11:29 PM [timejumper_x] sorry just enough for starting seed money
11:29 PM [Mudpuppy] i'd like some too
11:29 PM [sosuemetoo] question and answer format
11:29 PM [sosuemetoo] kitten can you lead?
11:29 PM [TheHeggy] Good idea
11:30 PM [sosuemetoo] discuss ... mom has to take care of mom stuff
11:30 PM [PyRo99] k
11:30 PM [TheHeggy] Kitten isn't here....
11:30 PM [scififan28] have fun mom
11:30 PM [virtualgirl] do you have a flying car?
11:30 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] heggy itten is absent why dont you lead the q & A
11:30 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] i cant
11:30 PM [timejumper_x] not flying persay
11:30 PM [sosuemetoo] Heggy lead
11:30 PM [virtualgirl] hover?
11:30 PM [sosuemetoo] brb
11:30 PM [TheHeggy] Okay. So it just goes one at a time by the order in the list?
11:30 PM [timejumper_x] yea hover would best
11:31 PM [KiraSjon] brb too
11:31 PM [KiraSjon] yes heggy
11:31 PM [TheHeggy] Dado starts then. Do you have a question for him, or pass?
11:31 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] take that as a pass
11:31 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] ?
11:31 PM [TheHeggy] timejumper says "done" when you finish answering someone's question by the way.
11:32 PM [TheHeggy] Okay... Pyro then :)
11:32 PM [timejumper_x] ok
11:32 PM [PyRo99] Is there a Civil War?
11:33 PM [timejumper_x] well their will be good times and bad times
11:33 PM [KiraSjon] back
11:33 PM [PyRo99] Time, even I could say that.
11:34 PM [timejumper_x] well can i awnser that question with the ruels here
11:34 PM [PyRo99] yes, i do believe so.
11:34 PM [PyRo99] Just no Terrorist ######.
11:34 PM [PyRo99] Err
11:34 PM [PyRo99] stuff
11:34 PM [timejumper_x] ok
11:34 PM [scififan28] haha
11:34 PM [PyRo99] :?
11:34 PM [KiraSjon] time, maybe it would be easier if you replied that you just aren't allowed to answer
11:34 PM [KiraSjon] instead of being vague? just a thought
11:34 PM [KiraSjon] :)
11:34 PM [timejumper_x] a brife one becuase of a more global event will end the CW
11:35 PM [PyRo99] NEXT
11:35 PM [TheHeggy] You finished timejumper?
11:35 PM [timejumper_x] done
11:35 PM [TheHeggy] Okay. Curious question or pass?
11:36 PM [TheHeggy] I think Curious is gone, she hasn't talked in a long time.
11:36 PM [timejumper_x] ok next?
11:36 PM [TheHeggy] Kira question or pass?
11:36 PM [KiraSjon] question
11:37 PM [timejumper_x] ok Curious no soup for u next
11:37 PM [timejumper_x] lol
11:37 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] hehe
11:37 PM [KiraSjon] time, are you to study events only in america? or are you planning on traveling outside the country?
11:38 PM [timejumper_x] just the US is my current mission but theirs nothing saying i cant travel lol
11:38 PM [KiraSjon] :)
11:38 PM [TheHeggy] Done?
11:38 PM [timejumper_x] i can say that this election will shape the world for the next 100 years done
11:39 PM [TheHeggy] Mudpuppy question or pass?
11:39 PM [Mudpuppy] Who wins the election? and please no double talk about timelines....we are too far in this timeline for it to change...just name one or the other please...thank you. That's all i have for you.
11:39 PM [timejumper_x] Bush by an undisputed margin
11:39 PM [KiraSjon] lol mud
11:39 PM [Mudpuppy] thank you
11:39 PM [scififan28] nice lol
11:39 PM [timejumper_x] done
11:39 PM [TheHeggy] Scifan question or pass?
11:39 PM [scififan28] question
11:40 PM [timejumper_x] shoot
11:40 PM [scififan28] time, s0 w4t r joo doing here? do u have ne proof, pics/audio?
11:40 PM [timejumper_x] so i cant post pis of my self
11:41 PM [timejumper_x] pics
11:41 PM [timejumper_x] strickly observation mission for me
11:41 PM [scififan28] s0 just that simple d00d? bo|2ing observation?
11:42 PM [timejumper_x] yes
11:42 PM [scififan28] i rest my case.
11:42 PM [timejumper_x] done
11:42 PM [TheHeggy] Snow ?
11:42 PM [scififan28] i pray this is being logged
11:42 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] if bush wins and it undisputed then why are all you timetravelers checking in to watch it unfold? what is there to observe? how does it shape the next 100 years? I know i just cheated lol three or four parter hehe
11:42 PM [KiraSjon] scifi - dado is logging
11:42 PM [scififan28] ok, this is goooodddd stuff
11:43 PM [timejumper_x] ill try to awnser
11:43 PM [timejumper_x] becuse this will be know as the most entertaining election process in US history
11:44 PM [KiraSjon] entertaining?
11:44 PM [timejumper_x] sorry smal keyboard big fingers
11:44 PM [Snow_Fire_Watches] keep going tj - answer the rest please
11:45 PM [timejumper_x] because this election has genorated the most interest in a long time
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11:45 PM [virtualgirl] Hello Pablo
11:45 PM [virtualgirl] My turn?
11:45 PM [timejumper_x] only here for 15 min more work tomarrow
11:46 PM [TheHeggy] I've got a question when he's done :)
11:46 PM [timejumper_x] done
11:46 PM [TheHeggy] If this is "strictly oversvational", why are you interacting with us, and why tell us you're a time traveler? Also, when you rent an apartment they run a credit check based on your ssn. How did you obtain a legit number?
11:46 PM [Pablo_Esquandolis] Buenos nochas everybody!
11:46 PM scififan28 has left the chat.
11:46 PM [TheHeggy] Hi pablo. We're in Q&A format for our time traveler here :)
11:46 PM scififan28 has joined the chat.
11:47 PM [timejumper_x] i used old cash that was in the archive when we went to an eltronic credit type system in 2030
11:48 PM traveler_malaki has joined the chat.
11:48 PM [TheHeggy] ...What?
11:48 PM [KiraSjon] and the social security check?
11:48 PM [timejumper_x] as for interacting nothing says i cant interact with the locals
11:48 PM [virtualgirl] hello malaki
11:48 PM [traveler_malaki] Greetings everyone, how are all of you tonight
11:48 PM [scififan28] hello
11:49 PM [PyRo99] Malaki
11:49 PM [Pablo_Esquandolis] when you say old cash mr tk_x, do you mean the pre mutli colered 20's/50's/ect or the new fangled ones?
11:49 PM [timejumper_x] our system of ecomics is a little differant thiers still a need for money but its a neccity any longer sorry for my spelling i have large hands
11:49 PM [timejumper_x] not one i mean
11:49 PM timejumper_x has left the chat.


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11:46 PM [TheHeggy] If this is \"strictly oversvational\", why are you interacting with us, and why tell us you're a time traveler? Also, when you rent an apartment they run a credit check based on your ssn. How did you obtain a legit number?

11:47 PM [timejumper_x] i used old cash that was in the archive when we went to an eltronic credit type system in 2030
That isn't what I asked. You already told us that you took cash from the archive to get started. The hole in your story is that you need a job to get an apartment. You need a place to live to get a job. Where did you stay when you were applying for your position at Walmart? You need a SSN to be employed in the US as well as to get an apartment. I ask again, where did you get a legitimate SSN card?

11:48 PM [timejumper_x] as for interacting nothing says i cant interact with the locals
Then your "mission" is not "observational only". If that were the case you'd just be sitting on your futon watching CNN all day, and not online telling people you're a time traveler. Observation only means just that -- Observation only.