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First off hi all,

I was laying in bed the other night thinking about how if timetravel was possible how diffrant the world would be! Then i got thinking about if we would ever invent a time machine and i dont think it will ever be built!

Now Lets say Usa or russia invented the time machine machine in the future dont you think thay would come back in time and change it? ie russia would win the cold war, Would US prevent the jfk assaination? You think of what the science breakthroughs can do if brought back in time say 50-60 years or even 500!

What are your thoughts on this



Re: TimeTravel

Who's to say winning the cold war will be of any real gain in another 100 years ?

I suspect we won't have to wait that long to witness the fall of another 'empire' and the rise of an even greater one, let's see if they can make a better job of it ?

Maybe someone has tried it and the outcome always remains sooner or later, save Kennedy only for him to die in a plane that Oswald was pilot of etc.

'Win' the cold war to get carried away, let national debt spiral out of control and eventually lose a tenuous grip on power ?

Probably the Universe wouldn't really care what changes we made, ruined timelines and divergence or whatever scenarios created wouldn't compare to something natural like a black hole or a massive star in it's influence on the grand scheme of things.


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Re: TimeTravel

If the present is 2% different from his timeline's version of now, then the future must be even more different, because differences cascade.

There are a lot of butterfly effects in life.

I would be more convinced if the time traveler was able to present a coherent theory of how such obstacles as grandfather killing are dealt with in the grand scheme of things.

Titor's version didn't add up. If he's here in our 2000, then a copy of him is probably there in his 2000. Probability dictates that if he were to kill his grandfather in our timeline, then his copy would do the same thing in his timeline and the grandfather killing issue remains in play. (Not that he killed his grandfather, mind you, but similar matters might be discussable)

I don't see how going back in time to a moment before one's own arrival, then jumping into the future, would do anything to change this problem. (Which he seemed to suggest as his solution to it)