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> Chat Session May 19, Peragro Chat

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KiraSjon post Oct 8 2004, 01:26 PM
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Posted: May 19 2004, 09:09 AM (jonfr)

Here is the irc log from last night. Those are GMT0 Time that are shown. I did copy from Perago did show up and until he did quit.

May 19 02:55:23 --> Peragro ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 02:56:40 <Peragro> Hello everyone.
May 19 02:56:50 <+Jovial_Kitten> hey peragro
May 19 02:58:07 <+rolf> hi
May 19 02:58:55 <+rolf> peragro, are you taking back anything with you in your sphere?
May 19 02:59:15 <Peragro> Only myself.
May 19 02:59:58 <+Jovial_Kitten> how was your day?
May 19 03:00:24 --> scififan28 (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 03:00:24 --- gives voice to scififan28
May 19 03:00:32 <Peragro> It was very nice. Thank you.
May 19 03:01:04 --> TTF_Satan (~[email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 03:01:04 <+scififan28> lol
May 19 03:01:05 <+rolf> what city do you live in "back home" ?
May 19 03:01:27 <TTF_Satan> finally got back here. dropped me like a bad habit then wouldn't let me back on
May 19 03:02:35 --> PhoenixLb ([email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 03:02:41 <TTF_Satan> somebody log this session, if no one is doing so at this point
May 19 03:02:49 <PhoenixLb> Hi
May 19 03:02:56 <TTF_Satan> hey phoenix
May 19 03:03:09 <PhoenixLb> How are you Satan, thanks for the invite
May 19 03:03:24 <TTF_Satan> np bro
May 19 03:03:30 <Peragro> Rolf, I live in a town called cripple creek, an old casino town.
May 19 03:06:24 <TTF_Satan> must be a lot of pming going on, don't see much here
May 19 03:06:39 <PhoenixLb> What have you learned so far about this time that is different than how you thought it would be?
May 19 03:07:32 <Peragro> If I am slow in responding here I apologize. I am currently working on answering everyones question from the forum as well.
May 19 03:07:36 <+rolf> in regards to peak oil, many people think that the solar and wind energy industries will have more investment when oil becomes more expensive
May 19 03:07:56 <+rolf> so, does it not improve enough or what?
May 19 03:09:01 <Peragro> Phoenix, I thought things would be a little slower. Everything is so fast paced it is hard to keep up.
May 19 03:09:46 <PhoenixLb> ok
May 19 03:12:04 <Peragro> Rolf, the solar panels that we use are from the 2000-2020's. You would think that there would be a few large companies try to jump on the chance to be the main provider of energy, but it is quickly learned that without the actual crude oil production life cannot continue to function in the same way.
May 19 03:12:47 --> JCEr ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 03:13:04 <JCEr> so how many tters are in todaY?
May 19 03:13:15 <PhoenixLb> I count one
May 19 03:13:19 <PhoenixLb> are there more?
May 19 03:13:21 <Peragro> The simple act of driving a car to work is no longer available to the masses.
May 19 03:13:22 <JCEr> i dont kno
May 19 03:13:45 <PhoenixLb> unless you count jonfr, but he only claims to be a time scanner
May 19 03:14:07 <+rolf> do you have cars in your time? whats the main transportation mode?
May 19 03:16:02 <TTF_Satan> peragro, cerial ask me this question earlier but I don't recall if you have ever been ask or if so if you ever answered. His question was whether or not you knew/believed in multiple worldlines or a single?
May 19 03:16:28 <TTF_Satan> it may have been Pyro that ask I can't quite recollect at the moment
May 19 03:16:39 <Peragro> There are cars, but most people do not own one. If long trips are taken you usually use a car belonging to the community for a set price. The longest trip I have ever taken was from the mountains to the ozarks.
May 19 03:17:50 <Peragro> The theory is that they do exist. However, other than the fact that I am here right now, I have not noticed anything different.
May 19 03:18:31 <JCEr> ozarks?
May 19 03:18:35 <JCEr> what is that
May 19 03:18:54 <+rolf> any progress on fusion? how is most energy gathered?
May 19 03:19:00 <PhoenixLb> ozarks are a mountain range in the east coast America
May 19 03:19:28 <JCEr> o cool
May 19 03:19:48 <JCEr> this question has prolly been asked, have u discovered alien life?
May 19 03:20:54 <Peragro> A lot of people do not have electricity in their homes, I was lucky enough to grow up in a home with solar panels. Energy is collected mainly by the govt.. They use large solor fields, wind fields, and have a few working nuclear plants.
May 19 03:21:06 <TTF_Satan> I also have another question peragro. How did you come across the money you have. I.E. did your team find an antique press? Did they get it from a museum? etc. The paradox of you having money from this time implies that at least one other person came back and got some money. However, you said that you are the first. How can you have money from this time AND be the first time traveler?
May 19 03:22:25 <-- JCEr has quit (Quit: )
May 19 03:23:13 <TTF_Satan> oh and for the record are you and I the same person?
May 19 03:23:16 <+rolf> satan, i think theres money around today that was printed 100 years ago... i dont see the paradox
May 19 03:23:38 <Peragro> I believe the money probably just came from someones personal collection, or perhaps a govt. archive. I never really asked. It never really occurred to me to ask. I myself have a few roman coins that are over 2000 years old. I do not think it would really be too difficult.
May 19 03:24:14 <PhoenixLb> How much money did they lave you with Peragro and what things have you used it on?
May 19 03:24:18 <Peragro> And no, as far as I know we are not the same person.
May 19 03:24:31 <PhoenixLb> lave-> leave
May 19 03:25:18 <Peragro> I was given $2000. I have used it on my hotel room and food. I have also paid for a few car rides.
May 19 03:25:48 <PhoenixLb> How much is your hotel rate? What food do you buy?
May 19 03:26:47 <TTF_Satan> thanks peragro, the money question was yet another topic that came up earlier here in discussion, the are we the same person question was brought up at the forum
May 19 03:27:02 --> slappnutz4k (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 03:27:03 <+rolf> is the draft of 2005-6 a result of the "Universal Service Act" in congress currently?
May 19 03:27:05 <Peragro> I paid for an entire month at once. They charged me $600 to do so. And as far as food goes, I have tried a lot of different things. I even had a steak delivered to me last night.
May 19 03:27:38 <PhoenixLb> How was the delivered steak? Do you have any concerns over mad cow disease?
May 19 03:29:40 <Peragro> A delivery service brought it to me for a price. I do not fear any diseases from the beef. And rolf, I am not sure of the name of the actual bill that passes, but it is due to the fact that the United States wants more soldiers in Iraq.
May 19 03:31:57 <+rolf> do you know how many soldiers are drafted?
May 19 03:32:22 <slappnutz4k> hello all :) , ive enjoyed reading everyone's posts for a long time now... <----long-time lurker
May 19 03:32:26 <slappnutz4k> I dont talk much.. so don't mind me heh I just find time travel fascinating , and try and soak as much knowledge as I can up on the subject
May 19 03:32:55 <slappnutz4k> as do we all
May 19 03:33:01 <Peragro> Well, close to 8 million end up being called (I might be a little off on the number), but a large majority try to hide from it.
May 19 03:33:18 <Peragro> 8 million over a 10 year period.
May 19 03:33:26 <+rolf> wow, lots
May 19 03:33:44 <+rolf> so i take it the war peters out when the oil does?
May 19 03:33:46 * Jovial_Kitten sighs
May 19 03:34:00 <PhoenixLb> Are you very familiar with the 2004 US presidential election?
May 19 03:34:27 <Peragro> Rolf, pretty much.
May 19 03:35:09 --> bella13 (~[email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 03:35:17 <PhoenixLb> Hi bella
May 19 03:35:20 <Peragro> Phoenix, I know I should have known this before I came, but I did not even remember Kerrys name when I got here. I do know Bush will win.
May 19 03:35:41 <bella13> Hi
May 19 03:35:54 <+rolf> do you know any more recent events in in 2004?
May 19 03:35:59 <PhoenixLb> Do you remember the exact percent of the outcome?
May 19 03:37:17 <Peragro> I thought I remembered the outcome being very close, but after researching it here I realized that was the first time Bush was elected. Not too sure about this time.
May 19 03:38:13 <PhoenixLb> Do you recall anything about a conspiracy being declaired on the winner?
May 19 03:38:15 <Peragro> By the way, I have an empty box here from the people who brought me the steak. Their company is called 'steak out'.
May 19 03:38:21 <+rolf> were you given any experiments to do while you were here?
May 19 03:39:01 <+Jovial_Kitten> i havent had steak out in years.
May 19 03:39:23 <Peragro> Phoenix, this time is ripe with conspiracy theories.
May 19 03:39:32 <bella13> Were you instructed to inreract with "locals" to this timeline?
May 19 03:40:22 <Peragro> Rolf, the only thing I am supposed to do is make it back. I was not given anything to do. I have the choice of talking with people or not.
May 19 03:40:51 <PhoenixLb> Do you know anything about Saint Germain?
May 19 03:41:21 <bella13> can you take people back to the future with you?
May 19 03:41:50 <slappnutz4k> good question phoenix
May 19 03:42:39 <Peragro> Phoenix, not really. I believe I have heard the name. Is he not from the 1600-1700's?
May 19 03:42:52 <PhoenixLb> Something like that.
May 19 03:43:12 <Peragro> Should I know about him?
May 19 03:43:49 <PhoenixLb> Well another time traveler we had was on a mission to rescue him from d****.
May 19 03:44:13 <PhoenixLb> He was suppose to be very significant.
May 19 03:44:37 <Peragro> I do not know. The name makes me think of nostradamus.
May 19 03:45:19 <+rolf> Peragro, does buddhism spread through any particular areas, or just become more widespread in general?
May 19 03:45:22 <PhoenixLb> It kind of makes me think of him too. Anyways, he isn't a big name where you are from. That is all I was currious about.
May 19 03:45:36 <slappnutz4k> in your time, has there been any more credence given to nostradamus' predictions?
May 19 03:47:08 <Peragro> Rolf, Buddhism (especially Zen) becomes very widespread. The reason for the large jump is that many Christians and Jews become Buddhist at the same time. They do not see a conflict between the two.
May 19 03:48:16 <Peragro> People will always talk about nostradamus. However, he is not really thought of as a prophet. Probably the same as he is thought of now.
May 19 03:48:45 <bella13> Do you know where(or when, whatever) the time travelers following you will be sent?
May 19 03:50:16 <Peragro> Bella, I have no idea. I have to get back first. After that, they will probably make those kind of plans.
May 19 03:50:25 <TTF_Satan> interesting factoid: $2000 in currency notes from 2004 would be worth, assuming that collector's money appreciates at the same rate it has, approximately $100,000 in 2107
May 19 03:50:56 <+rolf> Interesting. Where is the Dalai Lama in your time?
May 19 03:51:18 <PhoenixLb> Peragro, if you could ask a question to a person from 4077 gregorian calender. What would you ask?
May 19 03:52:27 <Peragro> Satan, interesting. Any idea how much a Roman coin from the Vespasian reign might be worth?
May 19 03:53:06 <Peragro> Rolf, still in India.
May 19 03:54:29 <+rolf> What about the Pope? Whats your Popes name?
May 19 03:54:50 <Peragro> Phoenix, did the world find a new form of energy? And if so, how did they survive this time without destroying themselves?
May 19 03:55:32 <TTF_Satan> I will look it up real quick per
May 19 03:55:41 <PhoenixLb> yes, the TUE effect, hope and faith, it it much worse in space then on earth
May 19 03:56:26 <Peragro> Rolf, Pope Benedict.
May 19 03:57:09 <+rolf> what do you consider the most important invention between now and then?
May 19 03:58:20 <Peragro> Other than time travel?
May 19 03:58:43 <+rolf> yeah, aside from that most obvious...
May 19 04:00:13 <Peragro> Well, they are not really inventions, but the solar fields are huge. I have heard some of them are miles long.
May 19 04:01:04 <PhoenixLb> Do you use hydro power too?
May 19 04:01:31 <Peragro> I do not personally, but it is used, yes.
May 19 04:01:43 <PhoenixLb> ok
May 19 04:01:59 <+rolf> So there is no national power grid? Do those fields only support local houses?
May 19 04:02:11 <PhoenixLb> I think I should invite Boris to the next Peragro chat.
May 19 04:02:18 <PhoenixLb> I think Boris will like him.
May 19 04:02:26 <TTF_Satan> peragro, the one coin is worth 18805.43139
May 19 04:02:47 <TTF_Satan> in 2107 money considering a constant rate of inflation
May 19 04:02:53 <Peragro> No, they do not support the public at all. They are used and collected by the govt..
May 19 04:03:16 <+rolf> what kind of govt is the world union and does middle america have its own seperate govt?
May 19 04:04:21 <TTF_Satan> I have got to get to bed all, I will catch the rest of this in the forum logs. Goodnight all
May 19 04:04:46 <Peragro> The World Union is basically a collection of nations that are trying to solve the energy problem. Middle America does have its own govt. and belongs to the World Union as well, but the World Union membership is a joke in my mind.
May 19 04:04:49 <PhoenixLb> Goodnight Satan, take care bro
May 19 04:04:56 <Peragro> Good night Satan.
May 19 04:05:02 <+rolf> what happens to the UN?
May 19 04:05:04 <-- TTF_Satan has quit (Quit: )
May 19 04:06:03 <PhoenixLb> Have any colonies been placed on the moon or as satalites arround the earth?
May 19 04:06:14 <Peragro> The UN basically turns into the World Union, but they no longer try to control anything.
May 19 04:07:43 <+rolf> so what kind of govt does middle america have?
May 19 04:07:46 <Peragro> Phoenix, there has not been any further exploration into space. What you see in the next ten years will pretty much be it.
May 19 04:08:56 <PhoenixLb> What guesses/knowledge in John Titor's predictions caught your eye?
May 19 04:09:07 <Peragro> Rolf, I would call it a Dictatorship.
May 19 04:09:27 <+rolf> but you work for the govt and dont mind?
May 19 04:09:40 <PhoenixLb> What is the current dictators name?
May 19 04:10:43 <Peragro> Phoenix, the nuclear bomb in 2015 and the civil unrest in the next few years. I was not the same thing that I know, but those dates were so close it got me thinking about my timeline and how far off of it I may be.
May 19 04:11:33 <PhoenixLb> ok, or how far this time line diverged from John's time line
May 19 04:13:13 <PhoenixLb> btw who is keeping the log for this chat?
May 19 04:13:16 <Peragro> Phoenix, the Dictators name would be 'The Middle America Governing Council'. If you want to put a name on them, you could call Charles Reynolds the head.
May 19 04:14:53 <+rolf> you knew the precise year and date you would arrive here correct, so you must have done some reading on what happens this year... do you know any anything which will make headlines later this year?
May 19 04:15:10 <bella13> or this month?
May 19 04:18:41 <Peragro> I know I should have, but the only research I did was basically on the way to blend in with everyone. Specific details were researched by the people running the project. I took their word for it when they told me this was the safest place and time I could be for now. I did not have any plans of teaching anything once I was here.
May 19 04:19:32 <PhoenixLb> How many students are in your classrooms, in your time?
May 19 04:19:36 <+rolf> so you are a professor of Religion and History?
May 19 04:20:34 <Peragro> Mostly religion. Phoenix, it is different all the time. We do not give out diplomas and such. School is for learning, nothing else.
May 19 04:21:31 <PhoenixLb> 1- 10 or 20 to 50?
May 19 04:21:46 <Peragro> Sometimes not one person will show up, others maybe 20.
May 19 04:22:44 <PhoenixLb> ok
May 19 04:22:45 <PhoenixLb>
May 19 04:23:03 <PhoenixLb> How long do your lectures last? Do you use a book?
May 19 04:23:46 <bella13> so if there's no diplomas how do people become physicians? Or are there not any Medical Doctors in your time?
May 19 04:24:18 <Peragro> I have a lot of books that I use, but none are required of anyone. Lectures go on as long as the students want them to.
May 19 04:24:28 <Peragro> Bella, govt. jobs.
May 19 04:26:26 <bella13> What are some breakthroughs in medicine that you can tell us about?
May 19 04:27:08 <PhoenixLb> Cure for diabeties?
May 19 04:27:46 <-- scififan28 has quit (Quit: latr)
May 19 04:30:10 <bella13> Fore example, do you know if AIDS is ever cured, and how soon the cure is found?
May 19 04:30:10 <Peragro> I wish I could tell you about some breakthroughs in medicine, it would be nice. There really are none, in fact one of the things that is the hardest during the middle of the century is the fact that a lot of people get sick, but cannot get the medicine they need because it is no longer mass produced.
May 19 04:30:10 <Peragro> We still have all the same things you have now. AIDS, cancer, etc.
May 19 04:30:49 <bella13> Any new classes of drugs?
May 19 04:32:35 <Peragro> There might be, but if there are, they are definitely not available to the public.
May 19 04:33:21 <+rolf> whats the name of the machine the you use?
May 19 04:34:20 <bella13> So between now and your time there were no new drug classes approved by the FDA for the use of the general public?
May 19 04:35:06 --> exospire ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 04:35:07 <Peragro> No name was given to me, if they have a name for it they did not tell me. I only heard the terms 'Project Peragro' and the machine.
May 19 04:36:35 <Peragro> Bella, I am sure there are new drug classes, but I am not the best person to ask. Seeing as how I have never taken a drug in my life other than hallucinogens during meditation gatherings.
May 19 04:36:51 <+rolf> What kind of hallucinogens do you use in gatherings?
May 19 04:37:10 <Peragro> I have used mushrooms and LSD.
May 19 04:38:17 <bella13> Are mushrooms chemically synthesized, or still grown the good 'ole way in your time?
May 19 04:38:48 <Peragro> They are grown.
May 19 04:40:00 <bella13> Sorry about all of these medical questions, btw, it's just my area of interest
May 19 04:40:12 <Peragro> I understand.
May 19 04:40:49 --> MadIce (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 04:40:53 <-- slappnutz4k has quit (
May 19 04:40:53 <-- PhoenixLb has quit (
May 19 04:41:02 <-- rolf has quit (Ping timeout)
May 19 04:41:03 <bella13> So LSD and Shrooms are legal? Do you know if LSD use has been linked to the incidence of psychosis, by any chance?
May 19 04:41:03 --- Jorune gives channel operator status to MadIce
May 19 04:41:12 --- ChanServ removes channel operator status from MadIce
May 19 04:42:18 --> rolf ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 04:45:52 --> Peragro` ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 04:46:03 <Peragro`> That was odd.
May 19 04:46:28 <rolf> is time travel still a general secret to most of middle america and the world?
May 19 04:46:39 * bella13 slaps bella13 around a bit with a large trout
May 19 04:47:01 <rolf> kicked me off too
May 19 04:47:09 <Peragro`> It seems I have met myself. There appear to be two of me in this Chat Room.
May 19 04:47:43 <Peragro`> Yes, time travel is not known to the public at all.
May 19 04:49:26 <rolf> What are some of the big advantages your govt hopes to gain with time travel?
May 19 04:50:13 <rolf> Ie, do you have any geusses as to where or why the next traveller will go
May 19 04:52:57 <-- Peragro` has quit (
May 19 04:52:57 <-- Jovial_Kitten has quit (
May 19 04:53:38 <-- Peragro has quit (Ping timeout)
May 19 04:54:49 --> Jovial_Kitten (~[email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 04:54:53 --- Jorune gives voice to Jovial_Kitten
May 19 04:54:55 --> Peragro ([email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 04:55:09 <Peragro> I was disconnected from this server again.
May 19 04:55:36 <Peragro> Sorry, what was the last question that was asked?
May 19 04:55:37 <+Jovial_Kitten> if someone wants to pick up the logs from here i need to go to bed soon.
May 19 04:55:40 <rolf> How prevalent are computers in your time?
May 19 04:56:08 <rolf> do you have any geusses as to where or why the next traveller will go?
May 19 04:58:05 <Peragro> Computers are used by the govt., and most of them are pretty old. Most people do not have one. This is the first personal computer I have ever used. Some communities are wired for internet usage among themselves, but not mine.
May 19 04:59:12 <Peragro> And I have no idea where the next person will be sent. I know they are taking things slowly. I have to get back first.
May 19 05:01:23 <rolf> So what are some of your most common lectures about religion when you teach a class?
May 19 05:04:13 <Peragro> They are always different. I jump around a lot. I talk a lot about Eastern Religions. The last thing I remember talking about is black plague of 1347 (not so much religion talk on that day).
May 19 05:05:53 <rolf> Who becomes president after Bush?
May 19 05:06:45 <Peragro> Bush stays in power.
May 19 05:07:12 <rolf> Until when?
May 19 05:08:07 <rolf> What is your historical perspective on his leadership?
May 19 05:09:06 <Peragro> He has 3 terms because of the wars. I think it was around 2012 his brother kind of takes over, but everyone knows he (his people) is still in control.
May 19 05:10:20 <rolf> Which countries are involved in WWIII?
May 19 05:10:23 <Peragro> I personally do not like him, but I do not think it matters really. No matter what happened, the govt. was bound to take total control soon or later.
May 19 05:10:53 <rolf> Are there any democratic govts in the world in your time?
May 19 05:11:50 <-- bella13 has quit (Quit: )
May 19 05:13:23 <Peragro> Australia has a democratic govt.. As far as WW3, you are seeing it now, but as soon as the energy problem is realized it becomes every govt. for themselves. Sure, there is the World Union, but they have never done a thing to really help out the world.
May 19 05:15:41 --> DWOMT ([email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 05:15:48 <DWOMT> I have returned to you all
May 19 05:15:57 <rolf> Back to the draft.. you said many skipped out on service. Where did they go?
May 19 05:16:45 <DWOMT> mexico perhaps?
May 19 05:17:32 <Peragro> Rural areas mostly. A few states disputed the draft and people went there... but in the beginning the govt. did not really have a way to enforce the large numbers it was calling for.
May 19 05:17:58 <DWOMT> interesting
May 19 05:18:52 <DWOMT> what happens with Texas Peragro?
May 19 05:19:05 --> bella13 (~[email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 19 05:19:15 <Peragro> Hold on just a moment please, I need a drink.
May 19 05:20:44 <rolf> What computer are you using? Is it the hotels or one issued to you?
May 19 05:34:29 <+Jovial_Kitten> ...
May 19 05:34:50 <DWOMT> he must be drinking kool-aid
May 19 05:35:00 <DWOMT> it's the sponsored drink of all time travelers
May 19 05:35:09 <+Jovial_Kitten> maybe. he's really frank!
May 19 05:35:13 <+Jovial_Kitten> and alex just found him.
May 19 05:35:15 <+Jovial_Kitten> and killed him.
May 19 05:35:41 <DWOMT> lol
May 19 05:43:41 <+Jovial_Kitten> i so need to be asleep now.
May 19 05:45:36 <Peragro> Sorry everyone, I went downstairs and got some fresh air.
May 19 05:45:56 <DWOMT> it's ok
May 19 05:46:10 <Peragro> So anyway, this is the hotels computer.
May 19 05:46:19 <DWOMT> what happens with Texas Peragro?
May 19 05:47:34 <Peragro> Well, a lot of people still call it Texas, but it is not officially recognized by the govt. as being separate.
May 19 05:48:05 <rolf> What about global warming?
May 19 05:50:12 <Peragro> I know a geologist and he believes it is still only a theory. Man might have caused a small change, but there is no real proof yet. You need another few centuries of data to know anything of real value.
May 19 05:51:29 <DWOMT> on the forum, you said you were educated in History. Is that American, military, 21st century History?..what exactly?
May 19 05:52:28 <Peragro> Western Civilization mostly.
May 19 05:52:57 <DWOMT> Is the Alamo still standing in your time? (if you know what the Alamo is)
May 19 05:53:32 <Peragro> Yeah, it is still around. I have never seen it though.
May 19 05:54:37 <DWOMT> interesting
May 19 05:55:48 <Peragro> It looks like people are starting to believe that I am Satan (the member of the forum).
May 19 05:57:06 <DWOMT> you know what I find interesting
May 19 05:57:27 <Peragro> What is that?
May 19 05:57:37 <DWOMT> there is a member named Peragro at the Time Travel Institute Forum
May 19 05:57:50 <DWOMT> you two seem to talk in similar ways
May 19 05:58:22 <Peragro> It is not me I can assure you. Where can I find this forum?
May 19 05:58:51 <DWOMT>
May 19 05:59:20 * Jovial_Kitten yawns
May 19 05:59:35 <rolf> Can you take pictures of your sphere?
May 19 06:00:33 <Peragro> I am going to before I leave. I will be sending them to Satan. However, if people continue thinking he is me I may have to send them to someone else.
May 19 06:01:31 <+Jovial_Kitten> noone really thinks you are satan. i think its just a late night conspiracy theory.
May 19 06:01:32 <rolf> I think realistic pictures would speak for themselves
May 19 06:02:49 <Peragro> He asked me to start a journal as well. Along with the pictures and journal, he will also get my ID cards.
May 19 06:03:28 <rolf> Since you don't have any experiments or missions to perform, how do you spend your days here?
May 19 06:05:27 <Peragro> I go on a lot of walks. I have been to a few restaurants and stores. And I spend a lot of time in this room watching the television. After ever since I figured out how to get on the internet I have spent a great deal of time looking at it.
May 19 06:06:27 <Peragro> You have to love bad grammar late at night. Sorry.
May 19 06:08:10 <rolf> How bad is pollution in your time? Any major problems with clean water?
May 19 06:09:11 <Peragro> Not as bad as now. I still do not drink untreated water, but I am sure it is much cleaner and safer to drink that water now.
May 19 06:10:10 <DWOMT> Are the Ninja Turtles still alive and well in your time?
May 19 06:10:51 <Peragro> Say what?
May 19 06:10:59 <DWOMT> The Ninja Turtles
May 19 06:11:06 <+Jovial_Kitten> agh. i give up. i can't log this anymore. night boys.
May 19 06:11:11 <DWOMT> you've never heard of them?
May 19 06:11:12 <-- Jovial_Kitten has quit (Quit: )
May 19 06:11:28 <Peragro> No clue what those are.
May 19 06:11:35 <DWOMT> they are heroes in our time
May 19 06:11:40 <DWOMT> heroes in a half shell
May 19 06:11:50 <DWOMT> they live twice the lifespan of humans
May 19 06:11:56 <DWOMT> they should be thriving in your time
May 19 06:12:15 <Peragro> You are going insane my friend.
May 19 06:12:24 <DWOMT> insane? how so?
May 19 06:12:47 <DWOMT> insane because you know what the Ninja Turtles are?
May 19 06:12:48 <Peragro> I am only joking. I just do not know what you are talking about.
May 19 06:13:01 <rolf> Shredder must not be a problem for his time
May 19 06:13:02 <DWOMT> because quite possibly you are a fake?
May 19 06:13:34 <DWOMT> <Peragro> You are going insane my friend. <-- sounds like someone who knows what the Ninja Turtles are. But then tries to play it off
May 19 06:13:41 <Peragro> Okay, you lost me now.
May 19 06:13:44 <Peragro> Sorry.
May 19 06:13:50 <DWOMT> yeah right
May 19 06:14:23 <Peragro> I feel like you are the one trying to pull a joke on me.
May 19 06:14:24 <DWOMT> I'm getting really sick of "the time traveler of the week" scenario we keep seeing
May 19 06:14:40 <DWOMT> there's always a new one
May 19 06:14:53 <DWOMT> like 2004 is just a holiday hotspot for time travelers
May 19 06:15:23 <DWOMT> I don't see how these fakes "get off" to lieing and pretending
May 19 06:15:27 <DWOMT> it's so pathetic
May 19 06:15:45 <rolf> So what seems fishy about this story to you?
May 19 06:15:56 <DWOMT> want to know what caught my eye rolf?
May 19 06:16:29 <rolf> Yes, I'm not convinced because theres very little concrete descriptions, but i figure more questions will solve that
May 19 06:17:12 <DWOMT> on the forum, when Peragro first introduced himself. He used the same formula all the other fakes used. crap like "I was researching this man named John Titor. I find his story quite interesting, although we didn't start time traveling till *enter year*. My study on this man led me to your forum"
May 19 06:17:18 <DWOMT> it's the same formula used lately
May 19 06:17:23 <DWOMT> and it's becoming old
May 19 06:17:42 <Peragro> I am sorry, but it is the truth.
May 19 06:17:51 <DWOMT> bull
May 19 06:17:55 <rolf> What were you looking for when you stumbled on John Titor?
May 19 06:18:35 <DWOMT> I'm sorry, but if I was to time travel, I'd be doing a lot more than chatting online
May 19 06:19:14 <Peragro> I was not 'reasearching' John Titor. I just typed 'time travel' into a search site and it ended up leading me to a site about his story. That site led me to the forum. That forum led me here.
May 19 06:19:28 <DWOMT> LOL thats what they all say
May 19 06:19:40 <DWOMT> funny how you didn't pick any of the other forums that came up
May 19 06:19:42 <Peragro> Well, why dont you tell me what I should be doing then?
May 19 06:20:28 <DWOMT> I'm starting to think Alex, Maxwell, TTDave, now this guy. Are all somehowed tied together. they all seem to pick the same forum, compared to the others that come up in the search engine
May 19 06:21:14 <DWOMT> either a single individual or a group is having fun jerking you guys around
May 19 06:23:06 <Peragro> You never answered my question. You have suddenly become very rude... the least you could do is answer me. I have spent the better part of two days answers questions from people. What would you be doing if you were me?
May 19 06:24:14 <rolf> If I were you I'd try to enjoy something that I couldnt back home
May 19 06:24:43 <DWOMT> if I were you? Well it depends on the time period I am in. But most importantly, if I were to go a hundred years back like you claim to be. I'd be visiting places, seeing things that might not exist anymore in my time. Mingling and meeting people (in person). Being online typing on a computer most of my time travel trip would seem like a waste
May 19 06:25:02 <Peragro> Like the internet perhaps? Having steak brought to your door? Television?
May 19 06:25:39 <exospire> I'd try and convince people I was a real time traveller.
May 19 06:26:02 <DWOMT> i don't believe it's wise telling people your a time traveler
May 19 06:26:06 <DWOMT> especially not in our time
May 19 06:26:08 <Peragro> What you do not understand is the fact that I talk with people face to face everyday. That is my job. I have never had a chance to have conversations in this way.
May 19 06:26:34 <exospire> Well, there's probably not much I do that is wise
May 19 06:27:00 <exospire> But what's wise to you might not be to me
May 19 06:27:19 <bella13> I'd try to help people of this time achieve time travel
May 19 06:27:49 <exospire> The difference between me and all the other people who claim to be time travellers, is I'd make sure I'd bring a lot of proof from the future
May 19 06:27:50 <Peragro> I am no scientist.
May 19 06:28:14 <DWOMT> well with our time period in general, and the govt monitoring the internet for hostile signs now. Going around and saying your a time traveler and talking about future events is not just about wise, but common sense
May 19 06:28:46 <exospire> who say's I would only want to convince people online?
May 19 06:28:57 <Peragro> I did not come here with the intention of telling anyone the truth about myself.
May 19 06:29:08 <exospire> If I made friends with people in this time, I would want them to know before I left
May 19 06:30:30 <bella13> when you go back to your time you should ask the makers if they would let you come back and take one of us from this year for a time machine ride
May 19 06:31:09 <Peragro> DWOMT, your last comment is precisely why I chose the place I did to write about myself.
May 19 06:31:23 <DWOMT> I'd like to meet one of my children from the future if time travel was possible
May 19 06:31:26 <rolf> A ride would be nice, but technology and history from the future would be nicer.
May 19 06:32:09 <Peragro> I am sure all of that would be nice, but for some reason I do not see the govt. doing something like that just to be nice.
May 19 06:32:12 <rolf> Its very hard to prove anything with just words on the internet, i sincerely doubt anyone would try to track him down until he's given decent proof
May 19 06:32:48 <DWOMT> remember, Antares was pretty convincing, but look how he changed once he was cracked and proved a fake
May 19 06:32:49 <exospire> I'd rather go back in the past than the future
May 19 06:32:58 <Peragro> Jesus himself could show up in this time and nobody would believe it was him.
May 19 06:32:58 <bella13> When u go back to your time how are you going to prove to the people there that u were in 2004?
May 19 06:33:06 <rolf> Which is why photos after you leave would be great. And also when you leave, can we have the hotel name so we could verify that you stayed in a hotel for this time frame. (Hoaxers probably wouldnt rent a hotel room)
May 19 06:33:32 <DWOMT> I'd like to go back to the mid 1980s and see my grandfather again a few years before he died
May 19 06:33:52 <Peragro> rolf, Satan will have all of that information.
May 19 06:34:25 <exospire> I'd like to go back to about 5 weeks ago
May 19 06:34:43 <rolf> Excellent
May 19 06:34:50 <bella13> I'd like to go about 5 months ago
May 19 06:34:56 <DWOMT> you can't help us being skeptical Peragro. it's literally every week we get a new time traveler
May 19 06:36:31 <Peragro> I understand. I talked to Satan on the telephone last night and he told me all about it. I do not really think that anyone believes me. Like I said, Jesus himself could show up in this time and nobody would believe him.
May 19 06:37:38 <DWOMT> I'll still remain skeptical, but I am willing to give you a chance. We've just been deceived one to many times
May 19 06:37:52 <rolf> DWOMT, what would completely convince you?
May 19 06:38:17 <rolf> hotel records, pod pics, + ?
May 19 06:38:40 <Peragro> I do not think that anything, short of watching me leave, would convince most people.
May 19 06:38:43 <DWOMT> video, a prediction coming true
May 19 06:39:02 <rolf> would you allow filming?
May 19 06:39:15 <DWOMT> I don't believe John Titor, but I am keeping my eye on the elections and 2005 as he stated
May 19 06:39:52 <Peragro> I do not have enough money to purchase a video camera and I do not want anyone to know where I am leaving from until after I am gone.
May 19 06:40:19 <Peragro> I am using a throw away camera to take the pictures.
May 19 06:40:47 <DWOMT> another thing that would convince me is me being able to time travel as well, or one of my children coming to this time to meet me
May 19 06:40:57 <rolf> And you would need a camera that could record for 12 hours also
May 19 06:42:27 <Peragro> Oh, you mean of the entire departure. I am not sure of the physics behind it, but I am pretty sure the camera would be ruined if it were that close when I left.
May 19 06:42:51 <bella13> so as a man of the future, what advice do you have for us?
May 19 06:43:06 <rolf> Electromagnetic surges do have negative effects on electronics
May 19 06:43:41 <Peragro> I would say slow down and learn to depend on yourself.
May 19 06:43:59 <rolf> Which are the worst years for war and/or famine?
May 19 06:44:35 <Peragro> Rolf, the electromagnetic pulse pulse is not fired during the return. I was thinking more along the lines of the spacetime warp.
May 19 06:45:50 <Peragro> I would say 2020-2050.
May 19 06:46:15 <bella13> how do you know that you are the 1st tt?
May 19 06:48:22 <bella13> and that someone didn't invent a time machine in 2004c and just kept it on the DL?
May 19 06:48:35 <DWOMT> Is San Antonio, Tx a safe place to be over the course of events you described in your timeline Peragro?
May 19 06:50:42 <-- DWOMT has quit (
May 19 06:50:42 <-- Peragro has quit (
May 19 06:50:42 <-- MadIce has quit (
May 19 06:52:41 <bella13> does this mean they signed off or got kicked off?
May 19 06:52:52 --> DWOMT ([email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 06:53:00 <rolf> the server crashed
May 19 06:54:55 <bella13> this thing is so ghetto
May 19 06:55:24 <rolf> its irc... was around a long time before the web was invented
May 19 06:55:42 <rolf> its better than it used to be if you can believe that
May 19 06:58:27 <bella13> perargo posted a message on the forum about getting kicked out.
May 19 06:59:33 <bella13> i wonder if he's calling it a night
May 19 07:01:17 <rolf> i think so, i will too
May 19 07:10:53 <-- bella13 (~[email protected]) has left #timetravellersinn
May 19 07:28:05 --> MadIce (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 19 07:28:10 --- Jorune gives channel operator status to MadIce
May 19 07:28:12 --- ChanServ removes channel operator status from MadIce
May 19 07:30:07 --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to MadIce
May 19 07:30:18 --- MadIce gives voice to DWOMT exospire rolf
May 19 07:33:56 <-- exospire has quit (Quit: )
May 19 07:40:27 <-- rolf has quit (Quit: )

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