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> Chat Session May 29, Peragro Chat

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KiraSjon post Oct 8 2004, 01:30 PM
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Posted: May 29 2004, 04:57 AM (jonfr chat log)

May 29 06:00:47 --> Peragro ([email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 29 06:00:49 <+Jovial_Kitten> nehi makes it
May 29 06:00:52 <+Ghoztface> awesome
May 29 06:00:52 <+Jovial_Kitten> so does fanta
May 29 06:00:58 <+Jovial_Kitten> peragro!
May 29 06:00:59 <+rolf> hey, peragro, niceto see ya
May 29 06:01:01 <+Jovial_Kitten> you arrived
May 29 06:01:06 <+TTF_Satan> hey peragro
May 29 06:01:11 <+Ghoztface> glad you could make it Peragro
May 29 06:01:12 <+rolf> how've you been?
May 29 06:01:23 <Peragro> I figured I would stay awake a little while longer since their were people waiting.
May 29 06:01:47 <+TTF_Satan> did you get the package mailed yesterday
May 29 06:01:50 <+DadOf5> hello peragro
May 29 06:01:52 <+rolf> thanks. so what ahve you been up to for tehse past few days?
May 29 06:02:09 <Peragro> Satan, it is boxed up and ready to go out tomorrow.
May 29 06:02:16 <+Ghoztface> how big is it?
May 29 06:02:28 <+rolf> get lots of pictures?
May 29 06:02:32 <Peragro> Not too big. Just a small box.
May 29 06:02:43 <+TTF_Satan> you going to overnight it? so I can post it tuesday for the board?
May 29 06:02:53 <Peragro> I purchased a throw away camera and filled it.
May 29 06:03:04 <+Ghoztface> thats great
May 29 06:03:46 <Peragro> I was going to send it normal, but I could go ahead and send it faster. How long would normal mail take?
May 29 06:04:05 <+rolf> 3-8 days ??
May 29 06:04:10 <+Ghoztface> in your time, do you have Memorial Day?
May 29 06:04:21 <+TTF_Satan> shweet, before I develop the photos, and regardless of what or who you are, are there any photos that are incriminating or indecent on the reel. I have to ask because when I get them developed, if anything happens I am citing your answer on this log.
May 29 06:04:23 <+Ghoztface> its a holiday we have this weekend, we expect that to slow the package.
May 29 06:04:50 <Peragro> Nothing indecent at all.
May 29 06:05:04 <+TTF_Satan> incriminating?
May 29 06:05:17 <+rolf> so, tell us something crazy fom teh future, that we would have never predicted or geussed...
May 29 06:05:39 <+rolf> your recent past, since im sure you have a better memory of that
May 29 06:05:59 <Peragro> I have been gone the past few days for a reason. I know everyone will probably be disappointed, but I am not really here to answer that many questions tonight. It will all make sense when the package is sent.
May 29 06:06:17 <+rolf> ooh, mystery. we love mysteries around here...
May 29 06:06:29 <+TTF_Satan> Peragro, is there anything of an incriminating nature on the film or in the package?
May 29 06:07:26 <Peragro> I will only say this, I have affected this time in some way. I am not sure what I have done exactly, but I did something.
May 29 06:07:37 <Peragro> Satan, not at all.
May 29 06:07:45 <+TTF_Satan> Thanks.
May 29 06:07:50 <+Jovial_Kitten> hopefully for the best.
May 29 06:08:13 <+rolf> Why do you think that? do you have some way to gauge the change?
May 29 06:08:19 <Peragro> I think it was wrong of me to come here. It is wrong for anyone to ever do this again.
May 29 06:08:25 <+DadOf5> was this your mission? or something accidental?
May 29 06:09:02 <+Jovial_Kitten> peragro,do you like tacos?
May 29 06:09:20 <Peragro> I have no real mission. You could say that I had an epiphany of sorts.
May 29 06:09:33 <Peragro> I do enjoy tacos.
May 29 06:09:40 <+Jovial_Kitten> ah,ok:)
May 29 06:10:00 <+Ghoztface> what topings do you like on your pizza?
May 29 06:10:18 <+rolf> Dont you think the benefits of time travel are worthwhile?
May 29 06:10:29 <+TTF_Satan> hehe.. Peragro, one last question from me and then I will just cordially have conversation...Are there any pictures on the camera of anybody exposing there butt or raising their middle finger as in a rude gesture on the film?
May 29 06:10:38 * Jovial_Kitten giggles
May 29 06:10:59 <Peragro> I can honestly say that there are not.
May 29 06:11:04 <+Jovial_Kitten> everything happens for a purpose peragro. don't beat yourself up for doing this.
May 29 06:11:08 <+Ghoztface> lol.. a little joke from earlier.
May 29 06:11:09 <+rolf> thanks for not mooning us!
May 29 06:11:17 <+Ghoztface> lol satan, you got me cracking up here
May 29 06:11:26 <+TTF_Satan> yes thank you for not mooning us or shooting us the bird.
May 29 06:11:35 <+Jovial_Kitten> or both at the same time.
May 29 06:11:38 * Jovial_Kitten shudders
May 29 06:11:39 <+DadOf5> especially at the same time
May 29 06:11:41 <+Ghoztface> lmao
May 29 06:11:48 <+Ghoztface> its possible. trust me
May 29 06:12:01 <+DadOf5> don't wanna know
May 29 06:12:06 <+Jovial_Kitten> im sure it is. but i'd rather not see that on a man.
May 29 06:12:08 <+DadOf5> ewww
May 29 06:12:08 <+Ghoztface> no mental images!
May 29 06:12:12 <+Jovial_Kitten> haha.
May 29 06:12:14 <+Ghoztface> lol
May 29 06:12:30 <+Ghoztface> peragro, got a chance to check out any television programs you liked?
May 29 06:12:40 <+TTF_Satan> great now I am sickened by 3 day old pizza and a haunting image...I am going to smoke brb
May 29 06:12:47 <+Ghoztface> lol
May 29 06:13:07 <+rolf> Do you have a radio Peragro? Back "home"?
May 29 06:13:20 <Peragro> I have not watched much television.
May 29 06:13:30 <Peragro> I do not personally have one, no.
May 29 06:13:37 <+dancing_queen> hello
May 29 06:13:38 <+Jovial_Kitten> darn. he's going to miss season 2 of the simple life.
May 29 06:13:40 <+Ghoztface> it can be a nice distraction, Peragro
May 29 06:13:44 <+Jovial_Kitten> hey dancing queen
May 29 06:14:00 <+dancing_queen> Peragro i have been mening to talk to you for some time now
May 29 06:14:52 <+dancing_queen> you story intrest me
May 29 06:16:08 <+Jovial_Kitten> what do you think about all the talk of t**s these days peragro?
May 29 06:16:33 <+dancing_queen> Peragro when will you make another jump if possible?
May 29 06:16:55 <-- Jorune has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
May 29 06:17:17 <+TTF_Satan> oh one last thing honestly...Peragro please do mail the package next day delivery or express such that they require a signature, that way we know it will make it to the box. thanks
May 29 06:17:17 <Peragro> There is always going to be talk of t**s of some sort... and dancing queen, I will not be doing this again.
May 29 06:17:31 --> Jorune (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 29 06:17:31 --- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Jorune
May 29 06:17:55 <+Ghoztface> what is the state of islam in your time, Peragro??
May 29 06:18:07 <+Jovial_Kitten> is he even here?
May 29 06:18:09 <+dancing_queen> yes i want to know aswell
May 29 06:18:26 <+Ghoztface> is there still a nation of Isreal??
May 29 06:18:51 <+Ghoztface> and also, i was still wondering what you liked on your pizza.
May 29 06:18:56 <+Ghoztface> lol
May 29 06:19:00 <+dancing_queen> hehe
May 29 06:19:03 <+Jovial_Kitten> i had pizza tonight!
May 29 06:19:10 <+Ghoztface> me too!
May 29 06:19:10 <+TTF_Satan> me too unfortunately
May 29 06:19:13 <+dancing_queen> i had yesterday
May 29 06:19:15 <+Jovial_Kitten> aww
May 29 06:19:18 <+Ghoztface> lol satan. you had pizza three nights ago
May 29 06:19:20 <Peragro> I do not really like pizza too much. It is okay, but not something I want all the time.
May 29 06:20:26 <+TTF_Satan> So Peragro, this is your last open session...What questions or comments would you like to make?
May 29 06:20:48 --> |Jorune| (~[email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 29 06:20:49 <+Jovial_Kitten> I think he's going to come back tommorow afternoon too
May 29 06:20:55 <Peragro> Well, I will actually come here again tomorrow afternoon.
May 29 06:21:04 <+TTF_Satan> cool about what time?
May 29 06:21:50 <Peragro> For now, I would just like to thank everyone for their time. Honestly, I was not going to send the package, but I made a promise and it will be kept.
May 29 06:22:08 <-- Jorune has quit (Ping timeout)
May 29 06:22:08 --- |Jorune| is now known as Jorune
May 29 06:22:10 <Peragro> Probably around 2-4pm.
May 29 06:22:16 <+Ghoztface> eastern?
May 29 06:22:33 <+rolf> missouri is central isnt it?
May 29 06:22:49 <Peragro> I believe it is.
May 29 06:23:01 <+dancing_queen> what cet time?
May 29 06:23:04 <+TTF_Satan> why had you decided against sending the package?
May 29 06:23:31 <+DadOf5> are there any questions you'd like us to ponder before tomorrow?
May 29 06:23:35 --- MadIce gives voice to Peragro
May 29 06:24:22 <+Peragro> Because I believe I was not meant to be here. Anything I do is unnatural.
May 29 06:25:00 <+Ghoztface> if man creates a way to timetravel - then you ARE meant to be here
May 29 06:25:07 <+Ghoztface> my opinion only
May 29 06:25:38 <+rolf> I personally think that things happen for a reason, and have a general optimism about thigns working out in the end.
May 29 06:25:50 <+Jovial_Kitten> i'd have to agree with rolf
May 29 06:25:56 <+TTF_Satan> well, either way I am glad you decided to send the package and more importantly to speak with the community
May 29 06:26:04 <+Peragro> That is like saying this, "If man creates a weapon, people are meant to be killed by this weapon."
May 29 06:26:21 <@MadIce> rolf: I agree with working out in the end... But the reason
May 29 06:26:37 <+Ghoztface> but if man creates the weapon then people ARE meant to be killed by it. good or bad
May 29 06:26:55 <+Jovial_Kitten> yeah.
May 29 06:27:15 <+Ghoztface> i dunno.. i just think that anything possible should be done. of course, not the obviously bad things.
May 29 06:27:16 <+Jovial_Kitten> time travel would have been created eventually if not in your time.
May 29 06:28:01 <+dancing_queen> true
May 29 06:28:19 <+dancing_queen> and we know it has been created allready
May 29 06:28:22 <+TTF_Satan> I think, to play the devil's advocate, that it is in mankind's nature to take innovation and sculpt it into a weapon rather than its initial intent.
May 29 06:28:42 <+Ghoztface> well thats because the rich want to be richer
May 29 06:28:44 <+Peragro> Yes. But who am I to change this world? Just being here upsets the natural balance of your time. I am out of place.
May 29 06:28:45 <+Ghoztface> human nature.
May 29 06:28:48 <+rolf> So peragro, why take a rock or twig back, instead of something like a newspaper?
May 29 06:29:02 <+Ghoztface> interesting ?
May 29 06:29:36 <+Peragro> Honestly, I cannot tell you why I must take a rock back.
May 29 06:29:43 <+rolf> I think man departed from "natural balance" a long long time ago.
May 29 06:30:02 <+dancing_queen> Peragro when are you from ?
May 29 06:30:02 <+rolf> Ooh, more mystery. I love it.
May 29 06:30:22 <+TTF_Satan> in the thread dancing
May 29 06:30:54 <+dancing_queen> errmmmm im to tierd to read right now i just got up of bed :S
May 29 06:31:28 <+Ghoztface> Peragro, What about the state of Islam in your time?
May 29 06:31:32 <+Ghoztface> and what of Isreal?
May 29 06:32:21 <+Peragro> They still exist. Those questions are also answered on the site.
May 29 06:32:35 <+Ghoztface> wow, my bad!
May 29 06:32:43 <+Ghoztface> -goes to read-
May 29 06:32:45 <+Jovial_Kitten> i forgot what i asked.
May 29 06:33:04 <+Peragro> Do you all believe in God?
May 29 06:33:13 <+DadOf5> yes
May 29 06:33:15 <+Ghoztface> I do
May 29 06:33:15 <+dancing_queen> have a flashback then kitten ^ ^
May 29 06:33:22 <+Ghoztface> I beleive in his son, Jesus, as well
May 29 06:33:34 <+dancing_queen> Yes i am a Muslim
May 29 06:33:37 <+Peragro> If you were offered the power of God, would you take it?
May 29 06:33:41 <+TTF_Satan> yes
May 29 06:33:44 <+Ghoztface> of course
May 29 06:33:44 <+dancing_queen> No
May 29 06:33:46 <+dancing_queen> No
May 29 06:33:52 <+Jovial_Kitten> I do for now.
May 29 06:33:53 <+DadOf5> no
May 29 06:34:02 <+Peragro> And why not?
May 29 06:34:13 <+dancing_queen> By power of god=time travel?
May 29 06:34:17 <+DadOf5> saw Bruce Almighty
May 29 06:34:23 <+DadOf5> hehehe
May 29 06:34:26 <+TTF_Satan> depends on the context of the power of God. Because in my body I cannot weild the elements because they would surely tear this form apart.
May 29 06:34:46 <@MadIce> I am an atheist
May 29 06:34:51 <+dancing_queen> If i was offerd the power o god i could not accept it simepley becous a human can not handel it
May 29 06:34:52 <+rolf> I think greater power offers the chance to do greater good
May 29 06:34:54 <+Jovial_Kitten> well we all know satan wanted to overthrow God.
May 29 06:35:03 <+Peragro> Let me correct myself. If you were offered the power of a finite God, would you take it?
May 29 06:35:06 <+TTF_Satan> the power would drive a mere humans mind mad. imo
May 29 06:35:11 <+Ghoztface> a human with gods power... would be... god?
May 29 06:35:24 <+dancing_queen> there is no such thing
May 29 06:35:30 <+Ghoztface> well, no.
May 29 06:35:31 <+TTF_Satan> No, I wouldn't accept it.
May 29 06:35:37 <+dancing_queen> you can not place you self with god
May 29 06:35:43 <+dancing_queen> besides
May 29 06:35:44 <+DadOf5> a finite god is a contradiction in terms
May 29 06:35:53 <+rolf> Power to say, change the course of human history?
May 29 06:35:54 <@MadIce> No. I just want to be happy and healthy.
May 29 06:36:09 <+TTF_Satan> I'd abuse the power because I am only man, therefore with my corruptness, such would the the weilding of the power.
May 29 06:36:12 <+Ghoztface> maybe "god" is just like us, only it uses 100% of its brain
May 29 06:36:14 <+dancing_queen> same here angryfroenwater
May 29 06:36:22 <+Peragro> If you were offered the power to change history, would you do it?
May 29 06:36:33 <+Jovial_Kitten> no.
May 29 06:36:34 <+dancing_queen> No god is god and it remains
May 29 06:36:45 <+dancing_queen> yes
May 29 06:36:45 <+Ghoztface> yes i would
May 29 06:36:49 <+TTF_Satan> depends on the history I must change
May 29 06:36:49 <+DadOf5> yes
May 29 06:36:50 <+rolf> Yes, I would try and change history
May 29 06:36:50 <+Ghoztface> but only my own history
May 29 06:37:05 <+DadOf5> only what I chose though
May 29 06:37:07 <+Peragro> The history you know right now.
May 29 06:37:11 <+Jovial_Kitten> it's a dominoe effect. you couldn't change your history without changing others.
May 29 06:37:16 <+dancing_queen> yes
May 29 06:37:27 <+dancing_queen> 1977
May 29 06:37:53 <+Peragro> However, in changing history, you would not know in what way you were changing it.
May 29 06:37:54 <+TTF_Satan> to prevent uneeded suffering, I'd change history
May 29 06:37:57 <@MadIce> Time Travel cannot change history.
May 29 06:38:03 <+Ghoztface> well, as long as i had the desire to time travel, regardless of my surroundings... it would all still work out
May 29 06:38:05 <+dancing_queen> exacly
May 29 06:38:10 <+rolf> Maybe the result would be imperfect, and after all ,teh road to hell is paved with good intentions, but given the chance to try and improve things, I'd take it.
May 29 06:38:15 <+dancing_queen> only a parellel timeline
May 29 06:38:39 <+Jovial_Kitten> i don't know,some would go back and try to "stop" 9/11.
May 29 06:38:47 <+Peragro> Satan, what if by preventing uneeded surrering, you caused even more by accident?
May 29 06:38:47 <+Jovial_Kitten> but would that really be the best idea?
May 29 06:38:48 <+dancing_queen> there is one way to change you own history and go back to a place that had the effect of it madice
May 29 06:39:01 <+dancing_queen> you must be very lucky
May 29 06:39:09 <+dancing_queen> with jumping time lines
May 29 06:39:09 <@MadIce> But it already happened, Jovial. You cannot change that fact. You'll remember.
May 29 06:39:23 <+TTF_Satan> well met peragro. However, by preventing malaria, what suffering could come to pass?
May 29 06:39:33 <+Jovial_Kitten> well yes. but it's the ethics or whatever of messing with that.
May 29 06:39:48 <+rolf> A gamble is a gamble. There is no gain without risk.
May 29 06:39:57 <+Jovial_Kitten> It was supposed to happen. yes it's sad that all the people died. but something much worse would have happened if it hadn't.
May 29 06:39:58 <+dancing_queen>
May 29 06:41:26 <+dancing_queen> go on quises
May 29 06:41:31 <+TTF_Satan> If I go back and provide vaccines. What worse could happen other than put medicine ahead by a couple hundred years?
May 29 06:41:48 <+Peragro> I will only say this. Power corrupts and it is hard to pass up a chance at real power.
May 29 06:42:13 <+Jovial_Kitten> well. i imagine something else would come along to replace malaria.
May 29 06:42:30 <+Jovial_Kitten> or whoever was suppose to *** from it wouldn't and would become another Hitler.
May 29 06:42:32 <+DadOf5> have you done something for personal reasons that you now regret?
May 29 06:42:32 <+TTF_Satan> therein lies the reasoning behind my first reply regarding taking the power of God. With me being man the power would be weilded corruptly
May 29 06:42:53 <+TTF_Satan> That's begging a point JK
May 29 06:43:06 <+Peragro> I am sorry. I will be back in 5 minutes, I forgot to do something.
May 29 06:43:10 <+Jovial_Kitten> perhaps:)
May 29 06:43:23 <+Jovial_Kitten> but it's something i've thought for years and years.
May 29 06:43:39 <+TTF_Satan> That's like saying you can only save one person a baby and a convict. Who do you save...
May 29 06:43:46 <+Jovial_Kitten> that's entrapment:p
May 29 06:44:00 <+Jovial_Kitten> i'd totally save the baby. maybe. what baby is it?
May 29 06:44:17 <+TTF_Satan> you have the wiles of a female. My wife does that to me all the time...begging the point.. hehe must be a gal thing
May 29 06:44:17 --> TheEbolaV ([email protected]) has joined #TimeTravellersInn
May 29 06:44:24 <+Jovial_Kitten> probably.
May 29 06:44:31 <TheEbolaV> hi all
May 29 06:44:32 <+Jovial_Kitten>
May 29 06:44:39 <+Jovial_Kitten> I'm good at it though.
May 29 06:44:42 <+Jovial_Kitten> drives adam crazy
May 29 06:44:44 <+Jovial_Kitten> hey ebola
May 29 06:44:46 <+TTF_Satan> hehe
May 29 06:44:52 <TheEbolaV> hi JK
May 29 06:45:08 <+dancing_queen> we
May 29 06:45:10 <+dancing_queen> wb
May 29 06:45:15 <+Jovial_Kitten> i transferred money from paypal to my bank account. i wish i knew where it was.
May 29 06:45:38 <+Jovial_Kitten> everything is electronic. it should transfer faster.
May 29 06:46:22 <+rolf> Banks generally dont post transactions after hours
May 29 06:46:43 <+Jovial_Kitten> well yeah. but i did this a few days ago during the day.
May 29 06:46:48 <+Jovial_Kitten> or im terribly impatient
May 29 06:46:53 <+Jovial_Kitten> probably impatience.
May 29 06:48:12 <+rolf> Peragro, to counter your question, if you see somebody lying in a ditch bleeding, should you help them? Maybe they are a m*****er who will k*** people later, but I think thats the risk worth taking. You can debate whats right and wrong, but in the end, humans have gotten "ahead" by helping each other.
May 29 06:48:18 <+Peragro> Alright, I am back now.
May 29 06:48:31 --- MadIce gives voice to TheEbolaV
May 29 06:48:40 <+TheEbolaV> ty sir
May 29 06:48:45 --- MadIce gives channel operator status to Jorune
May 29 06:49:04 <+TheEbolaV> no new logs still?
May 29 06:49:04 <+Peragro> True, but what I am suggesting is not just helping people. It is having power over them.
May 29 06:49:55 <+Jovial_Kitten> :/
May 29 06:49:56 <+rolf> You can lead a horse to water, but cant make them drink. Just because you tell someone something, doesnt mean you have the power to make them do anything.
May 29 06:50:09 <+TTF_Satan> You have power over everyone...I could easily end someone's life but I choose not to bro.
May 29 06:50:23 <+TheEbolaV> depends on How you tell them I guess...
May 29 06:50:36 <+Peragro> I really wish I could say more, you have no idea.
May 29 06:50:48 <+Ghoztface> why dont you, then?
May 29 06:50:48 <+TTF_Satan> please elaborate.
May 29 06:50:50 <+dancing_queen> why dont you?
May 29 06:50:51 <+Ghoztface> we are eager to listen
May 29 06:51:13 <+Jovial_Kitten> can't hurt anything.
May 29 06:51:21 <+Peragro> I just cannot do it, there are so many reasons.
May 29 06:51:34 <+Peragro> It could hurt a lot.
May 29 06:51:42 <+rolf> Could it help people a lot?
May 29 06:51:56 <+Ghoztface> give us a few reasons
May 29 06:52:07 <+TTF_Satan> you are not sitting outside my house typing on a laptop whilst peeking in my blinds are you naughty peragro?
May 29 06:52:15 <+Jovial_Kitten> you seem to act like you've already done something. would telling us make it worse?
May 29 06:52:28 <+Jovial_Kitten> no. but i am.
May 29 06:52:43 <+TTF_Satan> YIKES>...going to smoke brb
May 29 06:52:44 <+Jovial_Kitten> if you have a tree that is.
May 29 06:53:22 <+DadOf5> peragro, who could it hurt?
May 29 06:54:18 <+TheEbolaV> wow, only a Dad of 3 ... so far, your my hero! hehe
May 29 06:54:49 <+Ghoztface> hehe
May 29 06:54:52 <+DadOf5> catch me if you can!
May 29 06:54:55 <+Ghoztface> lol
May 29 06:55:01 <+TheEbolaV>
May 29 06:55:03 <+Peragro> I will say this, it is very much like the chaos theory. Everything that can happen probably has/will. I have a problem with my place in the choas. Sure, maybe everything has happened, but my consciousness in this moment are is the only one I know.
May 29 06:55:37 <+Jovial_Kitten> alright.
May 29 06:56:41 <+Ghoztface> hm.
May 29 06:56:58 <+Peragro> So, even though it is a good theory and it makes things seem alright, there is no way for me to ever really know. So what happens here and now is linked to me now, good or bad.
May 29 06:57:31 <+Ghoztface> hm.
May 29 06:57:34 <+Ghoztface> how much damage could you do
May 29 06:57:46 <+Ghoztface> words on a screen are just that
May 29 06:58:01 <+Jovial_Kitten> alot of people dont believe you anyways.
May 29 06:58:12 <+Jovial_Kitten> but im not going to push you.
May 29 06:58:28 <+Peragro> If I wanted to? A large amount of damage. I may even be doing a large amount of damage unintentionally.
May 29 06:58:47 <+TheEbolaV> I came in the middle of the conversation, so I didn't even hear the hook line
May 29 06:58:47 <+Ghoztface> what year are you born Peragro? i have forgotten
May 29 06:59:23 <+Peragro> 2080.
May 29 06:59:34 <+Ghoztface> we will a*** by that time
May 29 06:59:40 <+Ghoztface> why do you care if you damage us in some way
May 29 06:59:46 <+Ghoztface> assuming any will happen
May 29 06:59:47 <+dancing_queen> dont count on it
May 29 07:00:12 <+Peragro> Kitten, it does not really matter if anyone believes me or not. In fact, as far as anyone knows I have done nothing to this place. There is no way to prove it. The only person who knows is me, and I must live with it.
May 29 07:00:39 <+rolf> Civilization has advanced because of people helping each other. Even when sometimes their help backfires, its the countless attempts to help each other that makes us what we aer.
May 29 07:00:55 <+Ghoztface> youre birthday is coming up, how old will you be peragro
May 29 07:01:00 <+Jovial_Kitten> just like john:)
May 29 07:01:38 <+rolf> But, endless speculation is fun sometimes too
May 29 07:02:19 <+TTF_Satan> Peragro, this is my take on influecing the future. Imagine a boulder rolling down a hill. It is in a ditch. You move a tree and you may have altered the ditch and the roll. You however may have altered the pinestraw lying in the ditch but in no way effected the bolders path. Time, works the same. you may effect the minute details, but not the big ones. Example if all you did was come back and isolate yourself. You have al
May 29 07:02:22 <@MadIce> The difference with JT was that he had no doubts.
May 29 07:02:23 <+Peragro> I am not only worried about what I may or may not have done. I am also worried would could happen if someone else was in my place.
May 29 07:03:36 <+Peragro> I am 99% I am not going to change my time, but I am also 99% sure I have already changed yours.
May 29 07:03:43 <+rolf> The makers of the A-bomb were pretty shaken up as well, but it gave us the longest peace in quite a while. (Peace of sorts at least)
May 29 07:03:53 <+Jovial_Kitten> well of course you've changed it.
May 29 07:04:03 <+DadOf5> just by being here
May 29 07:04:09 <+Jovial_Kitten> if you didn't post to the message board we wouldn't all be here.
May 29 07:04:13 <+Jovial_Kitten> some would be in bed.
May 29 07:04:43 <+Jovial_Kitten> it's a matter of opinion whether that's bad or not.
May 29 07:04:45 <+Peragro> Satan, what if there is someone who is to be born soon who will create a cure for cancer, but because of me his parents never meet. That is not fair to the people in this time who have cancer.
May 29 07:04:45 <+Ghoztface> you havent really changed my life in anyway
May 29 07:04:54 <+Ghoztface> do you mean like you have done something in this time
May 29 07:05:01 <+Ghoztface> to effect a mass of people?
May 29 07:05:15 <+Jovial_Kitten> ah man.
May 29 07:05:25 <+Peragro> Satan, that is were we think a little different. I think the small things are just as important as the large things.
May 29 07:05:30 <+rolf> Most inventions have multiple authors at teh same time. Sometimes I think its just time for ideas to emerge.
May 29 07:05:34 <+Jovial_Kitten> I'm going to have to go,does someone else have their logs on?
May 29 07:06:06 <+DadOf5> tell me how
May 29 07:06:34 <+dancing_queen> i always have log on
May 29 07:06:51 <+DadOf5> nevermind
May 29 07:06:52 <+rolf> Well, if you wont tell us this one big secret, how about something interesting that has happened in your lifetime?
May 29 07:07:01 <+rolf> Whats been a big news story for you back home?
May 29 07:07:03 <+Peragro> There are no new ideas, all ideas exist. People only find them at different times.
May 29 07:07:16 <+rolf> Nicely put
May 29 07:07:16 <Jovial_Kitten> oh wait. jonfr is here.
May 29 07:07:24 <+Jovial_Kitten> he should have it all.
May 29 07:07:34 <+Jovial_Kitten> Night boys and girls:p
May 29 07:07:38 <-- Jovial_Kitten has quit (Quit: )
May 29 07:07:39 <+Peragro> Good night.
May 29 07:08:40 <+TTF_Satan> true enough Peragro small things can matter in some circumstances. But in others are relatively insignificant. Like killing a fly at onset of the Nazi occupation wouldn't matter. Killing the first fly that carried malaria would. I see your point. But that relates back to the moving a pinestraw or a tree. It all depends on identifying which is which.
May 29 07:09:10 <+dancing_queen> Peragro could you tell me if there is any event of intrest in sweden in near future
May 29 07:09:16 <+Peragro> Let us say this... every possible timeline exists, so there is one out there where I take over the world and rule it in any way I see fit... should I? If I had that power right now why should I not use it?
May 29 07:10:26 <+rolf> Ever seen Spiderman? With great power comes great responsibility. I love spidey.
May 29 07:10:54 <+dancing_queen> ok so there is one where im king of the universe in 4077?
May 29 07:11:26 <+DadOf5> do you?
May 29 07:11:39 <+Peragro> I am just starting to think that the chaos theory is the ultimate cop out. If it is true, I can whatever I want right now.
May 29 07:11:54 <+Ghoztface> i honestly dont think you could do anything close to that peragro
May 29 07:11:55 <+Ghoztface> no offense,
May 29 07:11:59 <+Ghoztface> but you are just human.
May 29 07:12:00 <+Ghoztface> still
May 29 07:12:05 <+Peragro> Neither do I.
May 29 07:12:06 <+Ghoztface> one bullet will k*** you. like it will me.
May 29 07:12:21 <+Ghoztface> so, the only thing you have over us.. is some knowledge of things that will come to pass
May 29 07:12:22 <+TTF_Satan> It depends on your concept of every timeline. Infinity is too vast there is a definite finite, though large, amount of worldlines. But there are the governing rules. For example there is not a timeline where I am a dog typing on a keyboard. SO perhaps you are a ruler somewhere but probably not. They will be closely clustered due to the statistics of the matter.
May 29 07:12:40 <+Ghoztface> and a much different upbringing im sure
May 29 07:13:13 <+TTF_Satan> that's just my take on the issue...common sense only
May 29 07:13:41 <+rolf> So peragro, do you think some good could result from what you might be able to reveal?
May 29 07:14:04 <+Peragro> I have the power to change some peoples lives. Perhaps a lot of people, but I feel like it is some sort of test. If I do change anything, I fail the test.
May 29 07:14:20 <+Ghoztface> ah, worried about your butt once you get home?
May 29 07:14:41 <+Ghoztface> it all comes down to job security i guess
May 29 07:14:47 <+Ghoztface> heh
May 29 07:15:08 <+dancing_queen> and as for Jt not dieng from a flue :S
May 29 07:15:20 <+DadOf5> whose lives could you change?
May 29 07:15:31 <+DadOf5> and would the change be for the best?
May 29 07:15:44 <+rolf> You cant walk through life trying not to change anything. Whether you are "supposed" to be here or not. (Nonsense I say) The fact is, you are here, right now, and changing thigns, right now.
May 29 07:16:07 <+Peragro> I said before that I did not notice a change in your time than the one I know, and when I said that I meant it. However, I have noticed something quite large that you are missing and it will change things for this time. And the only possible reason I can find for this change, is my presence.
May 29 07:16:32 <+rolf> What could be large that you alone affected greatly? ....
May 29 07:17:00 <+rolf> An event, or a discovery, or ?
May 29 07:17:06 <+Ghoztface> just tell us what one thing we are not seeing fully
May 29 07:17:25 <+rolf> I thought missouri was the place of nothing much happening.
May 29 07:17:58 <+TheEbolaV> gotta go later everyone
May 29 07:18:00 <-- TheEbolaV ([email protected]) has left #TimeTravellersInn
May 29 07:18:11 <@MadIce> Time for breakfast
May 29 07:18:14 <+dancing_queen> i thought that was alabama
May 29 07:18:22 --> All_rIsE (~[email protected]) has joined #timetravellersinn
May 29 07:18:25 <+TTF_Satan> lol
May 29 07:18:28 <+dancing_queen> hey broo
May 29 07:18:34 <All_rIsE> hey
May 29 07:18:36 <+Peragro> I have no idea how I could have affected it, but I am the only thing that makes sense. Again I bring up the chaos theory... the smallest thing could have the greatest affect on you. Honestly, I may lose some respect from people for this, but I have intentionally left out things.
May 29 07:18:38 <All_rIsE> erick is dat u ?
May 29 07:18:40 <+dancing_queen> i use sofias name
May 29 07:18:46 <+dancing_queen> yeah its me
May 29 07:18:51 <All_rIsE> oh ic
May 29 07:18:54 <+rolf> Maybe you had no impact at all, you simply came to a place where things are different than your time
May 29 07:18:54 <All_rIsE> m here man
May 29 07:19:09 <+rolf> mening whatever you reveal, may or may not have an impact like you expect
May 29 07:19:19 <+dancing_queen> ok this guys name in Peragro and hes from 2080 ok
May 29 07:19:31 <+Ghoztface> have you been sitting around trying not to touch things?
May 29 07:19:39 <+Ghoztface> with kleenex boxes on your feet
May 29 07:19:42 <+Ghoztface> nto shaving
May 29 07:19:43 <+dancing_queen> hehe
May 29 07:19:44 <+TTF_Satan> ok peragro, now you are talking in riddles. Come on bro...spit out what's eating you.
May 29 07:19:44 <+Ghoztface> *not
May 29 07:19:45 <@MadIce> Yeah. Chaos theory and Time Travel. But don't worry. There is chaos without Time Travel too
May 29 07:20:16 <+DadOf5> yes, in my house!
May 29 07:20:19 <@MadIce> Sounds like a joke, but it isn't.
May 29 07:20:34 <dancing_queen> hey did jonfr give any good proof yesterday ?
May 29 07:20:35 <+Ghoztface> lol dadof5
May 29 07:20:36 <+DadOf5> been here, eh?
May 29 07:20:36 <+rolf> Whats been your favorite meal here?
May 29 07:20:57 <+Peragro> I was sent to this time for its safety, yes. However, I was also supposed to witness something, something that did not happen.
May 29 07:21:08 <+TTF_Satan> and...
May 29 07:21:19 <+rolf> So you DID have a mission!
May 29 07:21:20 <+dancing_queen> you can tell us what not happend?
May 29 07:21:41 <+Ghoztface> dude, fill us in.
May 29 07:22:12 <-- All_rIsE has quit (Quit: )
May 29 07:23:14 <+TTF_Satan> oh I hope this doesn't have anything to do with a patch for halo.
May 29 07:23:15 <+Peragro> I wrote about it in my journal, but I deleted the entry. I am considering the consequences/advantages of putting it back in.
May 29 07:23:38 <+TTF_Satan> that was reference from shane's big surprise from the future...
May 29 07:24:01 <+Ghoztface> a patch for halo?! finally!
May 29 07:24:02 <+Ghoztface> heh
May 29 07:24:10 <+dancing_queen> hehehehe yeeiii
May 29 07:24:18 <+TTF_Satan> ok, put it in the journal bro. I will post it after you are outta here
May 29 07:25:00 <+dancing_queen> het ttf_satan you guys brothers by tomato-ketchup?
May 29 07:25:21 <+TTF_Satan> nah, just a habit I have, I either call people dude bro or cat.
May 29 07:25:41 <@MadIce> It's a bad habbit.
May 29 07:25:45 <+Ghoztface> lmao..
May 29 07:25:59 <+Peragro> Here is my problem. I know I am not supposed to tell you and I also know I could have made everyone of you believe me if I would have told you about it... but I simply could not do that. Let us say I did tell you and it happened, do you think I would still be in this hotel room right now? No. I would have had people hunting me down... and after the event the other day, I know it would not have been too hard to find me.
May 29 07:26:23 <+dancing_queen> ok
May 29 07:26:51 <+Peragro> People are only insane if they are wrong.
May 29 07:27:11 <+Ghoztface> well you can tell us now.
May 29 07:27:16 <+Ghoztface> seeing on how it hasnt happened
May 29 07:27:20 <@MadIce> I am sometimes right, but not very sane
May 29 07:27:30 <+Ghoztface> and you are leaving soon to the safety of a century+ ahead in time
May 29 07:27:38 <+TTF_Satan> Peragro, we are cool and all but that sounds kinda hoaky, think of it from my standpoint. If a day after the lottery I claimed that I knew the magic numbers but didn't say anything, who would believe me...even in your time?
May 29 07:28:58 <+Peragro> I know, but me telling you would still change this time. This is not something like lucky numbers, this is something that could still happen.
May 29 07:29:58 <+TTF_Satan> Ok what is it? Because as a mere individual I can claim I know of alot of things and as long as I don't pin point anything, I can claim everything. What is it you speak of? Pinpoint it for me as I am dimwitted.
May 29 07:31:19 <+Peragro> Something is found that changes things in a major way.
May 29 07:31:31 <+TTF_Satan> and that would be?
May 29 07:33:46 <+Ghoztface> i heard they are gonna find jimmy hoffas k***er
May 29 07:33:48 <+Ghoztface> that it?
May 29 07:34:32 <+TTF_Satan> give me something to work with here bro.
May 29 07:35:54 <+TTF_Satan> going to smoke brb
May 29 07:36:07 <+DadOf5> what general region is it found?
May 29 07:37:07 <+Ghoztface> does it have to do with iraq?
May 29 07:38:14 <+rolf> No offense peragro, but I've offered questions on other topics, but you still talk about this. I think you want us to know, but dont want to be the one to tell us.
May 29 07:38:31 <+Ghoztface> i feel the same way
May 29 07:39:15 <+dancing_queen> perhaps you can leav the thing after you when you leav and we can look after you went like with alex
May 29 07:41:07 <+Peragro> I will say this, it effects me more than it does you.
May 29 07:41:48 <+rolf> So, you've said already that Bush stays in power, so it cant be some political revalation
May 29 07:42:09 <+Ghoztface> if it effects you more - what harm does us knowing do
May 29 07:42:18 <+rolf> What else do we know that we can narrow this down with...
May 29 07:43:03 <+rolf> Oil runs out which affects you more, but we already knew that was gonna happen
May 29 07:43:51 <+rolf> A dog was discovered in space? Maybe something else was discovered like that?
May 29 07:44:14 <+rolf> Though ive yet to see any reports about a dead dog in space from 4 years ago
May 29 07:44:15 <+dancing_queen> a dog? how did it get there?
May 29 07:44:22 <+rolf> time travelled of course
May 29 07:44:29 <+dancing_queen> in there a news url on it
May 29 07:44:41 <+rolf> no, if its happened its still a big govt secret
May 29 07:45:13 <+dancing_queen> hahai thought you said that a dog was discovered i space sorry read wrong
May 29 07:45:28 <+Peragro> What was supposed to happen was a discovery. A discovery by a civilian.
May 29 07:45:35 <+Ghoztface> a scientific?
May 29 07:45:45 <+rolf> By me maybe! but you were here chatting and held back my excavating
May 29 07:45:52 <+Ghoztface> hehe
May 29 07:46:49 <+Peragro> Scientific, religious, everything. You name it and this discovery will affect the future.
May 29 07:47:09 <+rolf> So thats why a religious historian was sent back...
May 29 07:47:16 <+Ghoztface> how can one discovery effect so much
May 29 07:47:18 <+DadOf5> well, gee if you tell everyone then it will be discovered and no longer affect you
May 29 07:47:22 <+Ghoztface> the arc of the covenant?
May 29 07:47:35 <+rolf> Indiana jones found that already silly
May 29 07:47:43 <+Ghoztface> doh!
May 29 07:47:51 <+rolf> ORME's?
May 29 07:48:02 <+Ghoztface> WMD's?
May 29 07:48:33 <+rolf> I would call finding anthrax a religious experience.
May 29 07:48:45 <+DadOf5> yah, OMG!
May 29 07:50:32 <+rolf> Wait, wasnt something religious discovered lately
May 29 07:50:35 <+Ghoztface> i just cant figure out what could be so importent
May 29 07:50:38 <+Ghoztface> hm?
May 29 07:50:43 <+Ghoztface> -runs to google-
May 29 07:51:24 <+rolf> Maybe a discovery nearby hasnt been unearthed?
May 29 07:51:34 <+Ghoztface> hm
May 29 07:51:39 <+Ghoztface> i wish he would just spill the beans
May 29 07:51:49 <+Ghoztface> i feel like im trying to find out what i got for christmas from my mother
May 29 07:52:05 <+Ghoztface> like im squeezing the tiniest drops of info at a time. lol
May 29 07:52:42 <+rolf> So what would be scientific and religious? Finding Jesus? Finding ?
May 29 07:53:15 <+rolf> But everyone goes to zen buddhism also. So what would promptthat kind of switch...
May 29 07:53:22 <+Ghoztface> hm
May 29 07:53:25 <+Ghoztface> wow
May 29 07:53:36 <+Ghoztface> a missing peice of the bible that says "HA! just kidding!"
May 29 07:53:45 <+DadOf5> Jesus's descendents
May 29 07:53:49 <+dancing_queen> hehehe
May 29 07:53:53 <+Ghoztface> good thought, dadof5
May 29 07:53:53 <+dancing_queen> it was meeee
May 29 07:54:14 <+Ghoztface> Peragro, what do you think of our ideas
May 29 07:54:43 <+rolf> But any discovery would not stop teh war between christianity vs islam, which lso is supposed to keep going
May 29 07:54:43 <+DadOf5> are we warm or getting cooler
May 29 07:56:14 <+rolf> So it either makes people more fundamentalist and gung-ho for war, or the exact opposite and turns people onto buddhism ?
May 29 07:56:47 <+Ghoztface> wow, more questions then answers it seems
May 29 07:57:17 <+DadOf5> satan, you back yet?
May 29 07:58:28 <+DadOf5> musta been a stogie break
May 29 07:59:27 <+rolf> I need another clue
May 29 07:59:49 <+Ghoztface> Peragro, with us?
May 29 08:01:58 <+DadOf5> well, I've had enough melodrama for one night, possibly two. Good night gentlemen and ladies
May 29 08:02:21 <DadOf5> thanks in advance for the logs, jonfr
May 29 08:02:23 <+Peragro> Okay. I am currently talking with Satan. I have told him what I know for the most part. The only reason I am hesitant to tell everyone is because I still have another day here.
May 29 08:02:24 <+TTF_Satan> he's coming back. Give him a sec.
May 29 08:03:17 <+Ghoztface> thanks guys. just wondering
May 29 08:03:18 <+rolf> ooh cool
May 29 08:03:24 <+Ghoztface> see ya dadof5
May 29 08:03:25 <+rolf> so satan, whats the verdict?
May 29 08:03:42 <+rolf> i geuss we can judge for ourselves in a couple of days, but whats your take on it?
May 29 08:04:01 <+DadOf5> ok, one more sec. what gives, satan?
May 29 08:04:35 <+Ghoztface> hehehehe.. more drama for the dadof5! interesting drama though
May 29 08:04:52 <+TTF_Satan> one sec...PM
May 29 08:05:16 <+rolf> perhaps one of the most exciting events in human history... or... not
May 29 08:05:22 <+dancing_queen>
May 29 08:05:33 <+dancing_queen> count on it rolf
May 29 08:05:57 <+DadOf5> yeah, think i'll catch it in the logs though. bye bye
May 29 08:06:01 <-- DadOf5 (~[email protected]) has left #timetravellersinn
May 29 08:07:24 <+dancing_queen> are you here?
May 29 08:09:35 <+TTF_Satan> Ok, I will tell everyone what Peragro and I spoke of on Sunday as he will be in the clear then. Right now I cannot divulge anything that he said to me in confidence out of respect from one person to another, but I will say that it is very perplexing. Any more than that and I would be breaking my word. Which I never wish to be accused of doing.
May 29 08:10:25 <+dancing_queen> ok pleas pm me this info later satan?
May 29 08:10:43 <+dancing_queen> on ttf
May 29 08:10:46 <+rolf> ooh, perplexing. the mystery continues!
May 29 08:10:58 <+dancing_queen> dam dam daaa
May 29 08:11:00 <+Ghoztface> dun dun DUN
May 29 08:11:36 <+TTF_Satan> LOL
May 29 08:11:37 <+rolf> So was I anywhere near teh right track peragro?
May 29 08:11:41 * dancing_queen listening to "R.E.M - Its the end of the world"
May 29 08:12:13 * Ghoztface tests
May 29 08:12:25 <+Ghoztface> heh
May 29 08:12:29 <+dancing_queen>
May 29 08:14:03 <+dancing_queen> So later everybody gotta go to store so PM me on TTF later satan the info see ya ALLAH HAFIZ "may the love be with you" especily you peragro
May 29 08:14:11 * dancing_queen away at store
May 29 08:17:47 <+rolf> thanks for the evening of mystery peragro
May 29 08:18:38 <+Peragro> My pleasure.
May 29 08:21:08 <+Peragro> Well, it is time for bed. Tomorrow I will be here one last time around 3pm.
May 29 08:21:31 <+TTF_Satan> g'nite peragro.
May 29 08:21:49 <-- Peragro has quit (Client closed connection)

PM if i need to remove any info from this post of the log. This is exacly what was said in the chat last night. All times are GMT0.
Here is the log jonfr has that leads up to the PM that Peragro sent me:

May 29 07:31:19 <+Peragro> Something is found that changes things in a major way.
May 29 07:31:31 <+TTF_Satan> and that would be?
May 29 07:33:46 <+Ghoztface> i heard they are gonna find jimmy hoffas k***er
May 29 07:33:48 <+Ghoztface> that it?
May 29 07:34:32 <+TTF_Satan> give me something to work with here bro.

Here is a short version of that PM with only the comments surrounding the findings Peragro spoke of:

<Peragro> An asteroid.
<Peragro> In my timeline it was found during the this month. It has yet to hit earth in my time, but it will.
<Peragro> It is the main reason for the rise in Buddhism. When people know exactly how long we have left, it changes what is important. And this is also why time travel is so secret, it could have the answer we need.
<Peragro> This is my problem... what if it was not discovered, because there is nothing here to discover? What do I do then?
<Peragro> In my time there is nothing that can be done about it. We hope that time travel will give us an edge in the help we need.
<Peragro> I only told you because of your background. I thought that you might have possibly heard about it. Maybe it was already discovered and kept secret.

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