Trinidad UFO Sighting 1/6/1958


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Trinidad UFO Sighting 1/6/1958

I think that the Trinidad UFO pics and testimony of the witnesses are among the most interesting I've come across yet. The object almost seems to be semi-transparent in some of the photos and yet solid others. It also doesn't look to me like it is even on both sides. In some photos it also looks like there might be a dark ring around it but am not sure. I noticed in some enhanced photos that there looks like something that might be exhaust coming from it. Also interesting is that there are 4 or so pictures with it moving over land and sea.

Probably the most interesting part was the amount of witnesses and that some of them were even naval officers who witnessed the UFO and the photographs being taken.

The only part that bothers me about the whole story is that the photographer had a reputation for taking UFO pictures already and from what I read was connected to a hoax in 1952. Its never perfect I guess.

I was just wondering what other peoples opinions were on this particular sighting in regards to a hoax or not.