Troll energy... Is it real?

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The mind... The mind some will say is the final mystery of the universe.

It is one of the most powerful things on earth and we barely understand it or know how to unlock it's potential.

We can however say intent is a driver as is emotion and with it great things can be accomplished and yes horrifying things as well.

We all know what people say about the singularity and how it will work. Those of us that know, know the singularity isn't nothing more then conformity and the death of creativity, individualization and the soul. Science wants us to believe that we are nothing special, that if a copy is made from us that it can replace the original. They say this because they believe there is nothing more to us then our collection of thoughts.

This is not true... Humans are incredible biological systems that have the potential to build or destroy worlds. Think about this for a moment. We can create, control and mitigate all dangers to us and we have the power to end life on mass, we also have the power to create life on mass. We can communicate beyond boundaries and people from all over the world can see each other at a touch of a button.

But hate like greed is a mental virus that consumes thought and create emotions that are negative and when put to action it can harm others.

This have become evident in the so called internet troll or social media troll. There use keen observation to hurt and destroy and yes even end life. This should be a crime and will soon be one. As more people lose people whom they love they will push harder to get more laws into action and then it will be action against action and the Troll may find themselves evicted for crimes like murder.

The spirit or the troll, it's life energy is to be selfish, hateful and their intent is to do harm. This is a soul decision not just choice. The choice to do as much harm as possible, the choice to hurt others as much as possible cannot be justified by "playfulness". No the soul of a Troll is bitter, its hateful and it wants to hurt or even kill others.

But what the troll doesn't realize it is killing it's own soul. By denying the existence of the soul and or God, the troll believes it can do what it wants as long as they are free to do so or free to get away with it. However the world is changing and seeing that the troll is as psychopathic as its other counterparts and will be handled in much the same manner.

Destruction brings destruction and pain brings anger... Anger as we all know brings vengeance. Once this primal sub structure is awoken in someone that has lost someone, it is hard to ignore it if possible at all to ignore it.

Now we see the world blinking for the first time and trolls are on the lips of millions. This is a sad time for humanity because humanity still can trust each other. We cannot be safe around each other and this is very sad.

Thus is the scientist right? Are we a collection of memories and statistical choices? Or can humanity simply decide to find each other and help each other to become better? To show the scientist that we are more then just the sum of our parts!

I leave this here for you to think about.

Do you believe in the soul?
Do you feel your life force in times of sadness?
Do you believe that we are more then just a collection of biological components?

You need not answer these questions, only ponder them.

be kind to each other and be safe.

steven chiverton

Senior Member
intent its just a word and meaning for what you plan or are going to do next thats all its not a thing you can put into things as its not a flowing energy of any kind that you can use


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If we were only machines, we would not be able to feel anything, for our thoughts would be entirely abstract like robots. Science does not claim that we are merely molecules, but there is no scientific theory for consciousness either.

We can explain how calculations are made and affected by signal substances affecting the thought patterns. We can explain why seeing a certain color makes us happy and how happiness gives reinforcement to self learning, but not how happiness and colors are more than just information affecting our mental state.

Evolution has no incentive to create a consciousness unless it alters the output of calculations, which would be a strange side effect happening by dumb luck. We can think about consciousness, therefore it affects both ways. Because we cannot see from the eyes of someone not conscious, we still ended up as humans of all the places in the universe. Might be that there is only one consciousness in the universe, but this consciousness has no own ability to reason, feel or remember anything without a brain, so it feels divided and cannot feel the stones.

At the age of seven, I reasoned that time does not exist for the consciousness, for time is only an illusion of the physical brain from having memory. Otherwise there would be no amnesia for neither past nor future. Therefore, I began a path of full altruism, for everyone around me was also me. We were all one, yet the others hurted themselves by acting out of greed.

If there is something called god, it would be the final path of having lived as everyone and somehow retained the memories of everyone who will ever live in a hyperdimensional being constructed outside of time and space by a civilization far into the future. Therefore, god is everyone, for we are the source.

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