Types of UFOs

alpha centauri

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Or do you guys think I should play it safe and stay in the car and meditate, play music (particularly meditation music, Gregorian chants, and classical music), or do both? Or should I do something else (i.e. taking a chance and not paying attention distinguishing different types of UFOs)?
As far as I know, that does not matter that is rather a spiritual strength, therefore your mediation success is important. I did not contact Ufos, but that is how you contact spiritual help and I think that is how extraterrestrial get alerted that you exist. I think we do not have the technical knowledge about that yet, but that has to be some kind of signal similar to the radio signal you give of.

I think they can cloak their crafts, too. So you see nothing but the sky, because they are either invisible or on another plane like the astral plane.


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Do you consider that some UFOs may be coming from our own universe, while others might come from other universes?
There are two theories about UFOs. The ETH, Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, which states that UFOs come from other planets in our universe. The other, the IDH, Interdimensional Hypothesis, theorizes that UFOs could come from an alternate universe, or they could be time travelers.