UFO disclosure and Fundamentalists


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May 24, 2012
@TnWatchdog - Yes, some aliens are demonic, but not all of them are, obviously. Right?
There are opposites to everything...hot/cold, high/low, and good/evil so there should be somewhat of a balance in the types of aliens out there...good aliens and bad aliens.

I did ask an alien if it was good or bad...I was able to record this answer before it left.
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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
Robert Dean, a real insider, stated he met with members of a group who looked like so much us in appearance that they could sit beside us in a restaurant, in an airplane or in the theater and you'd never know. And still according to Bob Dean, that particular point bothered the military guys a lot. The point being that some of these people from somewhere could be walking up and down the corridors in state headquarters or they could be walking up and down the corridors of the Pentagon.
I believe the 4 feet grey guys are only automatons, they do medical procedures and we figure out how our own future or the future of medicine will be.
Behind these robots there are intelligent and even handsome creatures. Blue eyed long blonde hair humanoids with some almost unoticed traces of weirdnesses.
I believe in exopolitics making reference that the Ets took power over the main issues specially as to the banishment of nuclear nukes and they are literally among us.