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There are vampires, but Dracula is mostly BS.

Bram Stoker presumedly got the idea from Vlad The Impaler (Vlad Dracula in Romanian language) who was the ruler of an area in Romania called Wallachia during the 15th century...He was said to have horrifically killed (impaled) over 360 men women and children, whose skeletons were discovered in his cellar after his death..

Bram Stoker chose Transylvania in central Romania for Draculas home, and his two upper teeth as the method for impaling his victims...Stoker was obviously aware of Vampire Bats, and incorporated them into his story of Dracula...Yes there are real "Vampires" in our society, they are the type of people in whose company," draws the energy out of you", leaving you feeling completely exhausted...You probably read Colin Wilsons excellent book, The Space Vampires..