Video of UFOs in Arizona


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Video of UFOs in Arizona

? ? ? it ... ? ? then something amazing happened ... other lights started flying down from ? ? the sky and joining the formation of lights ... it was simply amazing to ? ? witness and even more amazing is that this has finally been caught on video ? ? ... the video was jawdropping and the objects are so clearly taped that ? ? its just a miracle that it was caught ... the camera was on the tripod ? ? during the first few seconds of taping and it caught the lights appearing ? ? and flying down perfectly.. I decided to turn on the higher zoom on the ? ? camera so I removed it from the tripod and changed settings and began taping ? ? again ... this time I was zoomed closer to the objects and they started ? ? flying back up in the sky and disappearing.... it was all caught on tape ? ? and this time NOBODY can ever say that flares are all that are flying up ? ? around here in phoenix Arizona.. - Brian/ ? ?

U.F.O footage