Video of witness well


Jul 7, 2016
here is a video of witness well making. glad to share details. This type is used in radionic machines, it is one coil connects in parallel thru the circuit input. coil will read something from what you put in the canister then system amplifies it, modulates it with ur injected intentions (or rates) then gets transmitted through several methods.
what u put in well is another topic others covered it. canister used by Steven Gibbs is from photography film. in this video the winder is a motor taken from a printer. motor speed is controlled by foot pedal.
Now the following I put for discussion,,,. It is hard to make a bifilar(two coils) like the one used in SG HDR, but Lumbergooz shall try 2 post one like that soon. use fast glue after each few winds to prevent coil from unwrapping.

witness well winder
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