Debate Voting hypnosis

Are you sure of who you actually voted for?

  • When someone asks me if I am sure, I shall deflect the question with a smile.

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  • I am not weak enough to get hypnotised, my therapist said so herself during a session.

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  • Ssssh! Look at my finger...

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  • No, I was drunk! Stop asking already.

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  • Yes, I always vote for... uh, some dude with a pocket watch told me his name.

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  • I don't have to take that from lizard people.

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  • Yes, I am the one who rigged it all with hypnosis.

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How do you know for sure that you voted for the candidade that you recall voting for? Can someone have hypnotised you into reading the names wrong and then forgetting about it?


If this were true, no one person would remember the hypnotizing if it were a true event.

The purest truth behind being hypnotized is that someone would have to tell you that
you were in fact hypnotized directly after the event otherwise,
no one would ever believe you, your question couldn't be answered.

They would just go on with their lives as normal.

Unless of course they were directly under therapeutic care of a registered psychologist
which doesn't match your criteria.


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It's called lamestream media constantly pumping out LWO BS and programming people that everyone else is evil.

But it doesn't really matter anymore with electronic voting maching being connected to Internet when they're not supposed to be. China does all our voting now.