Was in a car accident... Please don't worry I am fine.

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hey Everyone,

Monday I was in a bad car accident as a large semi-truck rear ended us and continue to push us of the the road.

The man in the large truck blamed us and he was really not nice about anything. He darn near took our lives. Sadly I don't have the financial freedom to afford good a lawyer nor can our law enforcement be bothered. This literally happens every day. Strange thing one would think that more attention should be brought to this situation but I digress.

So, once at home I couldn't let it go, I lost my transport a car that I took proper care of because again I can't easily afford a new one or even a good second hand one. The insurance is still planning their next move but for now things are what they are.

But I felt this driver deserved more and I found myself obsessing and I realized how easily negative energy flooded my mind. I am grateful I am alive, if that truck was just a bit faster I wouldn't have been.

I then realized I wanted to take God's wrath and made it my own. I wanted to take God's judgement and made it my own. I wanted retribution but it wasn't mine to have. I realized that my soul, my energy was stained so I started to clear my head with music meditation and yes even time to truly mentally recover from this.

I realized that for me and the spiritual road I decided I wanted to walk, that I need to believe that there are no accidents. Everything is deliberate even the bad things. So if I am to stay true in my belief I must hand over all these feelings to the God I have chosen to serve. It was my choice to do so thus I must now accept the requirements that was set out for me. Truthfully I didn't want to do this BUT I must or my soul will never know peace.

Yes earthly justice have failed me, yes earthly law has failed me and yes I am angry and disappointed. My God never promised that our walk on earth will be easy or even fair. Never did. I realized that my life can be over at any moment and why do I want to lose eternity over something like this?

So I took all my negative energy, worked it trough accepted my losses and accepted that whatever the future holds for the truck driver I hope it is a good one, I hope he finds peace and I hope he never has to feel what I have felt.

No I am not blowing smoke up my own behind thinking I am better... I am not better... I am not a good person this is not my high horse this is not what this is. This is acceptance that I made a choice to serve the God I have chosen. Running away from it will not give me peace, getting angry will not give me peace.

Letting go, and moving on? It was hard but it is worth it. This is the message I wish to give. Our spiritual being needs peace. My one friend told me the story about the two wolves that lives inside each of us. What wolf will win? The one I feed. I am feeding my good wolf. I want peace for my soul and don't want anger to grow and create stress that will create other health problems. No... I want peace and thus I must put this thing to rest.

So I figured I write this here to show others that have true anger within them to perhaps step away and realize some things simply is NOT in OUR hands. It is just not and we must put the anger down. Stress cause many bad things in the body, it is more of a killer than anything else in our modern times. This is the message I hope you can take from all this. I am not here to force my spirituality on anyone, but I want everyone to realize we have a soul and we must take care of it because it is our life energy and it does effect us both physically and mentally and yes we can effect our soul in both good and bad ways as well. So rather not do that. Rather step away and let things be. There is no point in harboring ill will within both the mind body and soul.

Take care and be safe.


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Glad you/family didnt come to physical injury.

For the truck driver sometimes hes already committed and at some time later will receive a (**********) of sorts.

But your right not to act and in another way shows and builds the quality of the human and it will be weighed upon at some future moment.


We all walk Similar paths in our very own ways.

That's what makes the most sense to me in that,
we are not such strangers after all.

Do your best to be the best YOU
that you can be.
You will find no judgement here.

Be Safe, Be Strong, Just Be.


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The purpose of not avenging in Christianity was to prevent barbarians killing each other in endless family feuds (pragmatic Taoism), but one must act if a criminal may cause death to others (judging Confucianism). There's no harm in improving your protection by reading up on your legal rights. Just don't use it to extort criminals, for the focus should be to altruistically save the lives of other victims and guide wrongdoers to a better path. Get the habit of preserving evidence as soon as something gets suspicious. I once tore up and threw away a terrorist recruitment phamplet in anger, before realizing that the police might need it as evidence for an undercover operation.