Was The Future President Jaynou Oliver Beck Born?

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Mar 4, 2016

We posted a video containing an audio file we were sent from an anonymous man claiming to be a time traveler from the year 4932. Along with talking about the future, the nameless man mentioned that someone by the name of Jaynou Oliver beck would be elected as the 56th president of the United States on November 3rd, 2082. He also said that Jaynou would be born on September 12, 2018. September 12th was a week ago so many people are wondering if he was actually born.


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Feb 8, 2015
Good to see you guys back again from your holidays, we missed you (y):D...
Here is a clue for you regarding J Beck...It could actually NOT be Jaynou Beck, but a very good guitarist from the 1960s with the name of Jeff Beck :eek:..
He could have been sent forward in time to take up the post of the President of the US in 2042 :unsure:..
There are also clues in this song (Shapes Of Things) that shows his interest in time-travel, from the lyrics...:cool:

He used the term "images in sound", when asked about his use of the "sounds" within the song, which was Very Very new back in the year of 1966, when the song was first recorded.....Plus it could also pertain to the method of time-travelling, SOUND!! :eek: :LOL:..

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Dec 4, 2018
Funny, First 2082 is not a presidential election year. Next, this guy proved the existence of God through his philosophy, and was assassinated for it? Sounds like a veiled reference to the next Jesus Christ. This fabrication has all the earmarks of a feigned religious prophesy- Destruction of the earth, time travel, proving the existence of God, and killing the messenger for religious beliefs. My guess is that it came out of a whacky Christian sect somewhere in East Europe.