Washington Prophecies penned by Charles Wesley Alexander


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Jun 26, 2004
A long time back I had posted about Washington's vision/prophecies about the United States. Today I went to look for it and found this on Snopes

George Washington's Vision

The vision never took place it was a work of fiction.

"The tale of "Washington's Vision" was penned by Charles Wesley Alexander (1836-1927), a Philadelphia journalist who published The Soldier's Casket, a periodical for Union veterans of the Civil War. Writing under the pseudonym "Wesley Bradshaw," Alexander authored several fictional "vision" or "dream" pieces featuring historic American figures which were published as broadsheets and in various newspapers during the Civil War and were later offered for sale through advertisements in the pages of The Soldier's Casket, with the artificial separation between the real Charles Alexander and the pseudonymous "Wesley Bradshaw" allowing the former to unashamedly laud the latter's works."