Watch Out for Fake Demonology Websites

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Since the advent of AI writing software such as ChatGPT, I’ve noticed many spirituality websites popping up out of nowhere. They provide descriptions on various spiritual entities, including demons. Most of these descriptions are fake, the people behind these websites have not studied demonology extensively (if at all), nor do they have experience with ceremonial magic. They are just marketers looking to make a quick buck.

What they’re doing is instructing AI software to produce texts in a creative way. In other words, to make things up. Since most of the accounts of the spiritual world come from the experience of spiritual masters and not from scientifically verifiable evidence, it’s easy to mistake these fake demonology websites with actual accounts that have been transmitted throughout the ages by real practitioners.

Unfortunately there is no knowledge-based criteria that a novice can use to distinguish one from the other. Because, if you don’t have the knowledge, how can you know if something is true or false? You can’t know for sure. This is why occultism IS shady, there are always a lot of quacks in the space.

But there are some telltale signs you can watch out for. One thing that these websites have in common is that they publish A LOT of content. For example, they pop up suddenly and within a month they have long descriptions of the 72 demons of Ars Goetia, with nice AI generated illustrations of the demons. How is that possible? I’ve had this website for a couple of years and I’m yet to cover the demons from this grimoire in their totality, let alone others that I’ve summoned.

Their texts also sound very uniform, basic and superficial. There is no deeper understanding of the matter. Why is that? It’s because AI can’t go deep into this topic as it requires more factual information. It’s also not good enough at creative writing to produce a compelling fake narrative. This is why all of these fake descriptions of demons are similar and superficial. They’re not interesting, and if they’re interesting they sound insane because the AI was given a free hand to write just about anything it likes without any care for realism. In other words, these marketers have zero respect for you, they think you’ll believe just about anything they serve you.

Apart from the quotes from actual descriptions from grimoires (which I also often quote), all the rest of it is, to put it succinctly – bs. The descriptions, the fake ritual advice that sounds like it’s written for children (because AI softwares are programmed to avoid certain words, advice etc), it’s all a way to create what is known as “topical authority” in the SEO world, so that Google perceives them as an authority in the field and ranks them higher. In other words, the more content they have, even if it’s fake, the better their websites rank on Google. This way they can get more clicks and earn money through ads and services they provide.

This would be fine if they weren’t producing fake content on a serious topic that deserves utmost respect and delicate handling. They are wasting people’s time and disrespecting the demons, risking also their own wellbeing in the process. I can assure you, such behavior is not appreciated by the demons. It is equivalent to spitting on a cross or burning a holy book, except demons are a more vindictive spiritual force.

I will not be sharing the names of these websites because it’s not legally advisable, but pay attention. If a website:

  • is churning out large quantities of content in a short period of time,
  • pays more attention to, images, design and quantity of texts than it does to the quality of the texts
  • sounds very uniform (texts always follow an identical format)
  • instinctively doesn’t feel genuine

..then it’s best to avoid it. There’s no harm in reading fake content, but conducting rituals generated by AI is a waste of time and will not bring you any closer to your goals. Demons will also perceive you differently if you fall for it. They will consider you:

  • as a gullible person whom they can exploit
  • unworthy of their attention and power

What’s worse, these reckless marketers are producing entire books, so that you can waste even more time reading AI generated nonsense. I’ve written three books, carefully putting my thoughts and experiences on paper during a 5 year period. With AI, a seemingly genuine but utterly fake and misleading book of equal length can be produced in a couple of days.

To conclude, it’s better to stick to old, proven websites where magicians and witches have shared their thoughts, experiences, and demonology information for years, before the advent of AI. That includes this website and some others as well. This is not a perfect way of assessing the quality of the information, but at least you can avoid the AI pitfall.

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About 2/3 of my help ends up being needed by people whom have tried to practice
the occult by summoning daemons.

I was attacked BY daemons at the ripe old age of 3.
They showed me things in both actions and word....Directly.
Don't care who believes me...This crap was no game but I learned a lot as well.
It was like having an extreme vision whenever they touched me.....By the time I was 14,
I was sent for psychological help. Nothing worked back then.

Science could not help.

Only the passing of time did when I accrued room mates whom saw the same things I did (@ the age of 14)
when they lived in my home. It was all a very big secret I told no one!
So, how did they see what science told me was just all in my head?
It wasn't my imagination, it was actually real.
Both roomies were Native American.

Nowadays, I have turned all of that knowledge around and learned from all of it.
B--- was the main antagonist...Hoarse voice and all.

I recently found out just why it all happened to me and my family...My friends.....pets....etc.

One of the former owners of the house we moved into, was into the occult
and sent a curse directly @ my family as some sort of revenge against my mum
for renting out a home she didn't want us to have.

This women...Presented herself and her actions against my family not so long ago
while running into her in the local Walmart. :mad:

She is in her late 70's now.

I've really had quite a fringe life because of all this and still remain secretive in my normal life.

Bottom line is this,
don't go there with this sort of stuff unless you wish to watch your
own life be turned upside down.

There are all sorts of faiths in this world.

Choose wisely.


Yeah, the other problem is that AI is biased. If the software writer doesn't believe in demons, ghosts, time travel, etc., it will affect what input they put into the AI's database.

@Wind7 I learned that while I was messing with the paranormal in the past and trying to talk to spirits, my daughter was seeing things at night and hearing shuffling. She was a little girl. She never told me until now. I wish she told me sooner.


AI tends to focus beliefs from the programmer in each website instead of focusing on the spiritual experience itself. I was surprised that one programmer was a self proclaimed Catholic who put fake information and said go to church and get the exorcism.

Dealing with demons is itself a bootcamp. Not a lot of people are fit to deal with demons and angels. If you’re working with angels, know they can be just as bad as demons when they punish you for not giving them offering or for fun.

Plus, some people with mental illnesses shouldn’t be in the occult because of the fact that too much energy can make people have bad experiences with mental illness and occult