Ways to change the past for real?


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Well, we know there is no time machine, or at least one that we know about, as said maybe there is the spaceship the aliens left here thats kept somewhere in secret, which is able to bend space and time, and maybe prof. Mallet machine is locked next to it too, but aside from these possible artifacts, and any other mechanisms left in an alien crash, we know of no other device that is available for real.

But apparently there are some ways one could affect the past in a real way, I know the moment I refer to some kind of spiritual/visualization method or practice there will be someone that could reply like "yes, it will heal your soul and make you grow", please save your energy, Im not aiming at that, thats why I emphasize in the "real way" as a matter that will alter our past and reflect in our present.

So what do you know about this? is there some actual way to make real change to our pasts? From what I have investigated and what a friend told me there are some possible ways through dreams, astral projection, shamanism and what has been called dimensional jump. Possibly the dimensional jump requires some further explanation, these are various methods that are said to be able to affect trully your reality by either changing the past or throwing you into other dimension.

So my question is, have you had any experience or knowledge regarding these or other ways to change our past for real? big or small change, just as long as its real and beyond altering memory/feelings/soul/etc, just real change please.

PS If you dont feel right saying this out loud here im fine with private message, I just want to know