Weekly Chat Events?

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Hey everyone!

It’s been suggested that we could have weekly chat events again. I think it’s a great idea! Would you like to take part in such events?

The last time we had one was in June 2017. That’s 6 years ago already! It was a lot of fun, so it’s definitely something I’d love to see once more.

So, in theory, it would be once a week. When would be the best time(s) for you?

I’ll go first.

Best time: Saturday night, 7 to 8 PM EST.
Okay time: Friday night, 7 to 8 PM EST.
Not that good of a time, but probably okay: Monday to Thursday, 8 to 9 PM EST.

Let us know what your time preferences would be, and we’ll see what we can do.

See ya!