Well, here we are...


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Well, here we are...

... some 30 odd hours away from Christmas day and I am moved, nay compelled, to give season's greetings.

To my sparring partner, Starlord, I offer thanks for his kind friendship over these last few months and more recently for is understanding and support. You are the epitome of Rum-Buggeryness and a fine fellow to travel with.

Paul J Lyon. Wit and sagacity all rolled into one, cut just fine enough with enough of a sense of humility to make your seemingly vast intellect bearable. ;)

Cary P, the Rajin Cajun. My friend I am quite simply humbled to be in your August presence and have enjoyed being able to know you.

Pyro, I have enjoyed your company immensly and just wanted to say this, next year has gotta be better than this one, so chin up fella. >:D<

August. Ancestral spirit and ditch digging demon of devilishly delightful discourse, my hat is off to you sir, you have been fine company.

Jedi has seen me through hell and high water this last few months and remained a good friend, to him and his partner I offer my humble thanks.

Dadof5. what can I say fella, anyone who knows you, knows you to be a man of honour, integrity and iron conviction, it has been my honour to spend time in your company.

Heggy the Heggcellent. The man, the myth, the Hoyt and great fun to be around. The R2D2 to my C3PO.

Kira has made me laugh, blush and pause for thought with her sound counsel, ready wit and unending compassion, if you were my daughter, I'd be fit to bust with pride.

Mom. My Mom, your Mom, everybody's Mom. Many is the time when my own rapier wit has turned into a broadsword of disaster and Mom was always there with a kind word to dust me off, pick up my Sword and send me back to play with the guys and gals at the TTF. Luv ya Mom. :love:

John, you brought us here, you bought us a playground and you let us run free in it. For this, you will always have me deepest respect. If Sosue is Mom, then you are probably Dad to this little slice of sanity.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for the year to come.

To Dancho, GTV, J/K, Oppmur, Kathelaine, Mudpuppy, Polymath the ultimate Mysanthrope and all you other Kooks to many to mention that visit this place, I wish you all the Joys of Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



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Well, here we are...

Zounds! how to reply to something that fine and not seem maudlin or Rum Do-ish, wait one where's me Glennfidu...Ah! Right then.

~~StarLord motions, with a great flash of light and roaring thunder, a present appears under each respective place where presents are kept in each individual home. Making sure that the name tags are all spot on and proper,

Grayson, Paul, Cary, John, Jedi, Heggy, Pyro, Kirajson, Dad, Sue, HDRKid,Dancho, Kathelain, August, and our special guest Frog, with his Crystal and all the rest to numerous to mention;

just so, the minions of light depart from their appointed task with another clap of thunder that registers so low the back of your tail bone quivers ever so slightly and a last flash of light~~


In each present, you will all find the merest speck of a Star as they are so very young. Be patient with them for they are growing into their chosen task and are still taken with the wonder of it all. Once grown, they will have the ability to split at will and travel with each of you no matter where you go whilst the other half will guard those of your family and your home. In this way may the light be always with thee from this moment on, In Spirits Name I ask.

A Very Merry Christmas To All And A very Safe and Sane New Year. @);- @);- @);-


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Well, here we are...

Well this is going to be long, but you know how that goes.

Star: My spiritual pal, always fun to see your humor, and to be blessed with your presence, look forward to it even more next year!

Paul: Well, without you we would be booming with TTs. You're humor always cracks me up. Always a blessing to be in your presence.

John: Thank you for giving us a home, and a place to fool around. Wouldn't be the same place without you, and would love to see you more again, in the future, when you aren't playing with your kid or wife.

Jedi: Always a blessing to be with you, and the illustrious Joe. And thank you for putting up with my "temprement".

Kira: Thank you for always being there whenever I had one of those "problems". You always seemed to guide me onto the correct path, and look forward to many more enchanting chats with you.

Scifi: Ooh, you're eagles are going to lose, and I will laugh! Always fun to chat with you, either here or hoyt or AIM.

Heggy&Sheena: The Hoyt. Always there to crack jokes, and just bless us with your presence. Always been a pleasure talking to you, and Sheena. Both of you, make Hoyt what it is!

Gray: Oh, it HAS to get better huh? We'll see, it should in the near future, and for that I am grateful. Thank you for lending an ear, and listenin' to my hell hole.

Jovial: Always a great time chatting with you, even back at the old board. I'll never forget that you had a crush on Alex. :lol:

Tree: Chris, Tree, Last, whatever you want to call you. The one I always crack jokes with in chat, here or hoyt. What fun it has been the past few months rockin' with you, and you're music.

Mom: Ooh, how fun it has been sneakin' into the Chat room bar and making alcholic beverages. Always been a blessing, even when it was stuff I didn't feel like hearing. You were always there for me, even through the roughest of times, and always made me milk and cookies after school.

CaryP: zup Homeslice? My conspiracist brother, we have a patch of grass next to each other in the camp we'll be hearded to, Look forward to it. Always been a blast, and your southern influence has definetly impacted my words, such as "Yeeha, pal, buckshot, bucko, bud, etc.". And thank you as well for listening to my rants, about that Francais Proffesur.

To those that I forgot, I didn't forget you, nor could I not write anything. It was just that, well, I can't remeber everyone's names around here, too many people to do that.

Look forward to chatting with those I had forgotten! :love:

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Everyone, may the new year bring you joy, and peace!


Pyro @);-


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Well, here we are...

Leave it to the more genteel British member of our community to get things aright. Grayson, your charm and wit are commendable. My feeble attempt at wishing eveyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season follows.

To my "old friends" on the board -- Sosuemetoo, Heggy, Pyro, Mrs. Heggy, Grayson, curious, KiraSjon, Paul, Starlord, Jedi, Dadof5, August, Cornelia, Mudpuppy, virtualgirl, lastdyingtree, Jovial Kitten, SmokeRingHalo, cerial, Chris, scififan, cyberbomb, Unintentional, and Frog -- I've appreciated the time we've had in chat and the exchanges in the forums. I've enjoyed your contributions, insights and humor. You've all become "special" people to me even though as Paul says, we're just streams of text. At the same time, I offer that you or we are more than that. We've established a community here. A network of at least virtual friends, and that's something to be considered, or at least grateful for. You have differing viewpoints, not all of which I agree with, but you make me think. For the most part, it's a great exchange. No, we don't agree on everything, but why should we. For the short time here, I'm very impressed with what's been accomplished here. Many thanks. The plantation has certainly been groomed and preened with the likes of you fine people.

To my "new friends" on the board - karizma, Darkwolf, iooqxpooi, TimmyG, Polymath, ZeoE, I love stars, Badmuts, dancho, Doc Brown, kathelaine, erikstalhammar, PamelaM, Mai, rialb, AstralVibe, The Ruffneck. Capt. Nemo, and Fringan. Welcome aboard kids. It's a great place. I've enjoyed your posts and your interaction in chat. Thank for your contribution and participation. We need the ongoing influx of great new members and you are certainly the kind of members who contribute to the plantation. I'm not the easiest or nicest of people to be around, but I have my moments. I am impressed with the high level of new members such as yourselves. Thank you for joining the community.

To my friends who've gone - Ralan, Rob Hackimer, Anoah, and Jimbomonkeypies. I haven't seen much of anything from you lately, but I do miss your contribution. People get caught up in their lives and that is understandable. No compulsory participation here, just a note to say that you're missed. If you're checking in, please take this message as a warm holiday wish and an invitation to return when it's convenient.

A special tribute to John, our site owner and administrator. John, what can I say. You have truly done what no one else was either willing to do, or capable of doing at a time of great strife on the Gavin great toilet flush site. My gratitude runs deep my man. I know you acknowledge the members as making this place possible, and that you're a willing witness from the sidelines. I disagree. You're contribution and foresight for a community, such as this one has become in such a short time is exemplary. I admire your leadership, patience and ongoing commitment to the place. I hope my kids mature into your kind of persona, depth and contribution to the community. You have truly made a circle of sanity in the "hell of the internet" that has become the prevalent style of interaction in cyberspace. One thing I always look for in a leader is the people who he attracts. You got it bud. Look around at the people who've been attracted to you. It speaks volumes my man. I know you're the humble and respectful type, not wanting to take the credit. Also the trait of a true leader, it's always about those involved. My hat is off to you pal. We're approaching 500 active members and 20,000 posts in just 7 short months. You've created a wonderful community John. Please let this acknowledgement sink in.

And for all the new members out there, enjoy the place. It's a wonderful circle of peace (mostly) in the hell that's become the internet. There are some very intelligent, insightful, and wise people here. You can learn a lot from them. We look forward to your contributions. Let your friends know about the place. We're always looking for new members that want a place to be accepted and to contribute.

And finally, a tribute to Lexx. He was one funny guy. I was saddened to hear of his passing recently, but I'm sure he's enjoying a martini with ginger wherever he's at, and having a good laugh. San Diego is a sadder place without him.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmases and a Happy New Year. Embarce the warmth of this holiday season. Your family and friends, even cyber friends are what the holidays are all about. I'll see you all around the plantation from time to time. Keep the place tidy. Yeeha from south Louisiana.



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Well, here we are...

Originally posted by Grayson@Dec 23 2004, 02:36 PM
Mom. My Mom, your Mom, everybody's Mom. Many is the time when my own rapier wit has turned into a broadsword of disaster and Mom was always there with a kind word to dust me off, pick up my Sword and send me back to play with the guys and gals at the TTF. Luv ya Mom. :love:


I'll always be there to ask for your sword and pick up your sword. Never Fear! Luv You so much more!! I wish the best Christmas to my Sworded Friend and the rest of our members and the happiest of New Years!

John, Karisma, Heggy, Sheena, Pyro, Grayson, curious, KiraSjon, Paul, Starlord, Jedi, Hill, Dadof5, DazedMom, August, Cornelia, Mudpuppy, virtualgirl, lastdyingtree, Jovial Kitten, SmokeRingHalo, cerial, Chris, scififan, cyberbomb, Unintentional, Frog, August, TimmyG, and Snow, and the rest of the chat gang, I give you extra special *hugs" from Mom.