What do people see as the future of the paranormal?


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What do you think? Will it fade into the oblivion or will it be seen as the same way it is now something that may or may not be real
or will it be one day proven?


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Electricity was seen as sorcery when people built a forgotten battery in ancient times, then explained by science once reinvented thousands of years later.

Bacterias were a mad theory about tiny animals cursing people to become ill, sounding a lot like a certain cult. Then the microscope came.

Penn & Teller mocked the idea of quantum entanglement on the show Bullshit while I found it to still be plausible given that entanglement (direct connection) is not the same as space travel (traversing connections). Then researchers replicated quantum entanglement with telepathic sattelites in a famous experiment and explained how particle pairs created from the same event behaves in sync, because distance itself is an illusion formed by the coupling of time space fabric.

Science now has credible quantum theories allowing for future predictions, because we know that controlling quantum states with super low temperatures can break old assumptions about the flow of time and how matter should behave. The paradox that keeps future visions occult is that if everyone had the ability to see the future, nobody could, because everyone would make changes preventing it from happening.

As more things are prooven or debunked, people's need for mystery and group identity by rejecting common sense when things are properly debunked will sadly grow stronger, because the biological need to choose one's world view will still remain as the essence of free will and cultural identity.