What gives you inspiration to go on in the work you do?

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Everyone these days seems to be working on projects of some kind but what inspires them to go on? So many can dismiss you and make you feel like a failure but what keeps you going? What inspires you to go on?
For me outside of my family its music! Music. Just like this song from youtube I will share with all of you.
I put this song on while I work and it just does something for me.

The 2nd song i thought was neat. Show how sound can move elements.

First, my favorite work song or what i listen to calm down and think.

Second song.


Well my field is orgonite and if you have never heard of it, it's an energetic transmutation system that clears meridian blocks, boosts the immune system, replenishes chi, helps in sleep, accelerates and deepens meditations, heals basically everything if you work with it for long enough. It's a soul realignment tool that can be tweaked to have certain metaphysical properties.
I keep at it because I appear to be the only person in the world working on making it at this level where as in the orgonite community take the original science, or worse the internet science on how to make them which is far below the potential for the technology, they all seem to be more interested in making it as cheap as possible because they are used to cheap things but I am not like that, I am more traditional, I like quality, in depth research and solid design etc.
People don't make me feel like a failure, not at all, my stuff is so strong that 98% of the people I expose to it can feel it working on some level, whether it's via tinitus (getting akoshic downloads) or feeling the pressure or temperature from the devices. Plus I know from my own experience that it works, I use my own regularly to keep food lasting longer, and deepen my own meditations.

At this time in the world, this technology is important, everyone is feeling attacked, and victimized on some level and even if they aren't aware of that bigger picture yet they are still reacting from it, orgonite is one essentially simple technology that can help heal that. People need it, I need it.

Also the science of it whilst essentially simple is superbly complex, it requires an understanding of the laws of the universe, the mechanics and geometry of vortexes and energy flow, fluid dynamics and electromagnetism... this fascinates me and most especially the pyramids, I have been studying everything from quantum topology, cymatics, morphogenetics, quantum mechanics, spirituality, time and space and source consciousness and much more for seven years now and I am still learning. Everytime I build a new one I am tweaking and improving. Every sale leads me to more and better equipment to improve too.

It's a journey, one I have spent a small fortune on but that journey is constant, as mine is, never ending...

My work is designed and built for function, not aesthetics so it's a little harder to gain peoples interests on visuals alone, but it works through experiences. Of which, some people deny it and can't handle it, others can and are looking for it, mostly advanced spiritual people that need to deal with hardcore psychic demons, talk to the dead easier, strengthen their telepathy or other abilities, or make their astral travels smoother and stuff like this. Not a lot of people understand this world but I do because I am in the same boat as them.