What if telepathic aliens conspired to take over the world and gave us all the Telepathy Virus and we all had telepathy?

Would universal telepathy be a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Good, no more lies and deceit

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  • Bad, because with no thought privacy we will inevitably all kill each other

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  • The best thing that could happen because everyone will know their true self and everyone elses

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What if telepathy was widespread? Would this lead to universal harmony? Or disaster as we know it? Knowing what we really think of one another could cause battles----or maybe just a pause and deep breath and greater understanding of each others needs? Discuss.


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Everything will be different. No more lawyers, no more judges, no more police. Everyone will know who the criminals are. What would it be like to be all seeing and all knowing? What is she or he thinking about me? No more secrets!