What if the Big Bang was actually a Big Rip?


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What if the Big Bang was actually a Big Rip, and our universe is just one piece of the shredded paper, and all the other pieces of the shredded paper are also pieces of the universe that was once whole. If this is the case, we will never be able to reach the other pieces of the universe because the space or matter in between is a void obstacle or barrier that nothing can ever pass through like as if it is nothing and nonexistent. In my opinion, The Big Rip would be the best explanation why our universe is expanding because the force of the Big Rip caused all the pieces of the universe to fly off into the unknown in different directions spreading further and further apart. So in a sense there might be a multiverse but it would be impossible for us to ever reach them. So, just imagine what if our universe exists within nothing.
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Wouldn’t The Big Rip solve the mystery of what happened before the Big Bang?
If there are multiple parallel universes with their own time-space fabrics, they would all originate from the same time and place, because not time nor space existed before big bang. If they are different string frequencies, then they are just a different side of the same big bang. Thus you can not have a rift in time-space before time-space exists.
In my honest opinion, I think it makes more logic that the universe is eternal and infinite and must have always existed rather than something that started from nothing but it always changes and transforms in ways that we can’t even imagine or comprehend and that is why we will never know how it began or how it was created because it has no beginning and it has no end. Thus our universe could be just a piece of the fabric made of materials that might remain unknown to us forever.
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