What if UFO's control all of reality?

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What if literally everything is controlled by the UFO's?
Do you mean UFOs were responsible for lots of the technology we now have, and the UFO occupants were placed in Government positions around the World? :unsure:..

You might recall during the Philadelphia Experiment on 12th August 1943, there was allegedly a UFO hovering over the Eldridge destroyer ship that could have been caught up in those very high powered counter rotating beams circulating the ship that also travelled to Montauk on 12th August 1983...

The technology on board that UFO might be responsible for what we have now, especially in the advancement of "stealth technology" and propulsion systems..


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Including my current craving for hotdogs roasted over an open fire, with lots of ketchup? :unsure:

Yes. Call me crazy but I actually AM suggesting that. Consider the Montauk research on mood alteration.
They are the MASTERS of just all reality, everything that happens.
Not saying I believe it but it is an objective thought I have considered.