What is CERN up to these day?


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What is CERN up to these day?

Those familiar with Titor occasionally bring up CERN. Here is a site with the current results of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

For many of the theories expounded on this forum (mine included) superconductors would be the first line of thought when trying to devise something - energy - to reach the speed of light - or "tricking" it - as some have proposed.

Quite interesting, rather.



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What is CERN up to these day?

Ah yes, tearing apart the very foundations of the Universe to say how it ticks. Nice one CERN. A bit like taking apart the human brain with a plastic spoon just to see how synapses work.

Maybe Humpty-Dumpty could teach CERN a thing or two. ;) How many Kings Horses and Kings Men have CERN got standing in the background with huge reels of Interstellar duck tape... just in case. :blink: