What The Heck Was This? 9/26/2018


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In 2023 I did an Interview With God. I asked, "Where did this come from?", I held up this picture." I heard four entities voices at the same time "Agartha."

On 9/26/2018 I was stressing out about how I was going to start my career as a motivational speaker. It was nighttime where new houses were being built. I was on the tarmac walking. There were palm trees to my left. Past the palm trees was a drainage ditch. Something was launched about 4-5 feet off the ground at peak curvature at most, I saw and heard something like a flare. There was nobody near me in the middle of the night. If I walked on the other side of the palm trees, It would have hit me. Good thing it didn't. The front bulge was about 2feet in diameter and whole thing I saw was 8feet long.

Possibly a low attitude flare???? Not sure.

Sounded like sprinkler system.

Flew like a comment, but seem launched. Flew downwards at 15 to 20 degree angle from horizontal. Long brownish like tail. Body looked like crumpled piece of metallic paper with blue flames in front with bluish grey cylinder continuously spitting bluish gray droplets in all directions.

Seen at gated community with benches.

No aircraft near me at all at this time. Around 10:00 PM I searched for anything that may have fallen in the side ditch, but nothing found.

Was it a UFO or was it a flare sent by an another human watching me???

If it was a flare from a human on the ground, why shoot a flare so close to me? It would have come from the street I go to the community that does not have a gate.