What's So Great About Humanity?

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Jun 5, 2017
Now, if you'll notice, I did not say that I was posting only once per week, but that I'm doing so every week. I'm dropping in every day to read other threads and, every Wednesday, I'll be posting something here. I'm not limiting my input - only my output.

I will be reading other folks' threads, as I have always done. It's just that, if I have anything to say, then I will do so in this thread alone from now on.

You are correct when you state that I will lose something by not interacting with others on their threads. I find that ideas can be best refined through vigorous and constructive debate, and a part of me will miss not taking a more direct part in those - even if it's only to contribute a bad joke designed to make me look like a jerk.

After all, what would this forum be if everyone did what I intend to do? A lot of threads with only the original post and nothing else, that's what. So, I encourage all members to start, and to comment on, as many threads as you can.

This is an example of me being a hypocrite, and telling you to do as I say, not as I do. Note the time and date. Although this is certainly not the first time I have been hypocritical in my life, I really hope that it will be the last time.

As for any loss others here will suffer due to my non-absence absence: Believe me, the loss will be minimal on their part, and will not be missed.

As for "interacting" itself: We just did. In fact, if you wish to do so again this week, then there are still a little less than four hours of my Wednesday left.