When Is It A Good Time To Eat Bacon?


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You guys gotta check this out, especially if you love beacon!


Enjoy :)


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Bacon rocks.

Do you guys know the baconator ? I never tried this burger, I don't think I will.... OK, it does look good though.


They have hamburger meat at the store with bacon ground in it here. Beats the pants off any bacon cheeseburger.

I do have an unhealthy love for bacon and eggnog though. Too many times, as a bachelor, I sat down to just a pound of baked bacon and a quart of eggnog for supper. I'd still eat it regularly if I could but the ones who love me would never allow it.
I guess it's just being brought up in the "South" but bacon was always something you had with eggs and homemade biscuits at breaakfast, along with coffee or milk, depending on ones age, other times bacon with pancakes is next to it, and the late addition to fast foods is something to be tried but i suggest it be eaten at lunch, as opposed to dinner.
I don't know about what part of the South you live in, but I don't even eat breakfast here (I'm in Mississippi). I just cook whatever I want when I get hungry.

My favourite bacon is bacon cooked in the microwave, because it gets done, but remains soft and tender and chewy. Awesomeness.
North Carolina, not that far "South", sorry if I p. you off, you sound a little defensive to me but I'm just a Clinical Psychologist. Eat it whenever you like, how you like it, cooked how you like it, but I suggest you don't jerk my chain for saying what I said or how it might offend you.
No, no! I didn't intend for it to sound like that! I was just implying that down where I live it's not something that is ubiquitous. I'm sorry if I might have offended you, mate.