Where are the latest UFOs?


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Where are the latest UFOs?

I saw an UFO for the first time. It took me three weeks when information came to me that they are very high end ETs just visiting and then gone. The UFO had a weird formation like a flower petals. That was definitely weird.
Thank you for your story. I think it is not easy to talk about those things.

The people being ridiculed that have contact with them. And it works. The best information about aliens I had with Pm contacts (not in this forum). But it is not the sense of a forum to talk only through Pm. One person I read (not through Pm) has even abandoned his religion beause he is thinking it is all a big lie (Islam). Others dont want to talk to other because they are thinking they could be called crazy. Just want to say it is everywhere.

As I said in your thread about the universe the president of the European Parliament has also contact with them.

In Turkey they even want to create ufology classes. I quote:

Kolbaşı also claimed that a shady group named “MJ12” has been suppressing the spread of knowledge on extraterrestrial beings “in order to protect the national interests of the U.S.”

Turkish university launches ufology classes to prepare for extraterrestrial contact