Who Are We?


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Friends, we are filled with wonder at the immensity of our oceans. Yeah with their vast waves. At the length of our rivers. Yeah, they do seems to keep going on forever and ever.

However, we do not wonder at our genes. Those are but the software for our program. Few wonder about the author that wrote the code of our very inner core.

Instead, these grinning morons claim our code came from many errors over many years. Sadly, we are told mutations are evolution's engine. Mistakes we are. Fact is, scientists are very much mistaken and in error.
Nice. Where do you think we come from ? Who created us ? Are we just the result of repeated natural accidents ?

These are some massive questions science has been trying to answer for ages. I'm not sure we'll ever know for sure what's the truth.

Do you think we're the natural result of evolution ?

One thing that makes us think that way is the way our code really came about from our parents and their parents and so on and so forth. At some point this line of ancestor DNA ends? The old chicken or egg question is always fun to ponder. We can imagine it going back far but where does it start or end? If someone wrote our code I wonder where this coder came from.

I like that you mentioned the chicken VS egg question. It sure applies to us as well, depending what your beliefs regarding evolution are.
Are we just the result of repeated natural accidents ?
In a way, yes, because mutations are natural accidents! And the base of evolution is mutations. It's constant environment adaptations. Like Homo Erectus got up at first because it was much easier to see over tall grass! And then, his descendants could use their hands, and then started using tools, etc.
DNA is constantly modified by mutations. Who knows, if there's still humans on Earth in 5000 years, they'll probably see a big difference between us and them. I bet if it continues like this, they'll be allergic to everything! (But that's my theory...!)
Good one.lol..And the way we dont excercize means furhter evolution for sure! Hell ...we crawled outta the ocean at the right moment in time I think an asexual being and the rest is what it is. I believe in God as an energy force so I dont go for the wild stories from the Bible. Or any other religion....that claimes they know the "truth"
Volatile radioactive elements are already being lofted into the jet stream and spread across continents. What's different here is that the quantities are much larger than they were at Chernobyl, thus, the dangers are far greater. According to the same group of scientists "the Fukushima plant has around 1760 tonnes of fresh and used nuclear fuel on site" (while) "the Chernobyl reactor had only 180 tonnes."

Mutations are evolution's engine. However, radiation does not help an organism improve. It only causes cancer.
As for "who we are"?, if you ask a priest , rabi, or minister, you probably will get one aanswer, ask a scientists, probably another. I'm more concerned where the species is going, not where we have been. I'll not speculate on the possible variation waiting for us for possibly evolve into but I think it might be about time to try somethhing better than what we have.
well we are still unknown!!!!

we don't know where and when does the HUMAN RACE came from!