Media Why Cataclysms are Necessary?

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Carl Miller

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Feb 27, 2014
All the cataclysms that have been anounced viz- Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce...are of a moral

nature and the humankind will be in need of them for their purification.

They say we have been going through a transition phase, a time of trials, and the collective

trials are exemplified by those who gather together 'coincidentally' at a certain place in a

specific timeframe, the group timeline apparently coincides so that they may experience

together an equal kind of death.

Otherwise someone dreams about future disgraceful events and denies flying on that plane

and have his life saved. Coincidence or fate?

Many say coincidence is just a name for inexplicable causes leading to effects.

You may be certain there will be no floods or fires, or any such things for our planet if the

intent is not related to collective trials.

As we may observe, the subject related to the

transition phase in which we now find ourselves has been

dealt with for a long time. We really are undergoing a period

of transformation on Earth, from a World of Trials and

Expiation, characterized by the manifestation of selfishness,

pride and violence among humans, towards a World of

Regeneration, in which men and women, despite being far

from moral perfection, will be more aware of their condition

as immortal, perfectible spirits in the process of evolution

and, consequently, more involved in their own moral and

spiritual advancement.

Such is the great change which is taking place in our planet.

The physical disturbances that occur on Earth will

continue to take place as they always have, bringing forth

necessary collective trials and submitting humankind to trials

and expiations indispensable for the moral progress and

spiritual freedom to which we are all destined.

When faced with such collective trials, humans feel

the need to help their neighbors – individually and collectively

– and to assist them with their material, moral and spiritual

needs. Such are the manifestations of charity and solidarity

that characterize the New World that humankind is building,

and which we are experiencing during this current transition


Now you see why Cataclysms are necessary.