Why do anti-vaxxers support Trump when he isn't even really anti vax?

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Votescam tech dosen't work if the collect
trump is antivax
just like how he ran fundraisers for both hillary and romney.
claiming vaccinations aren't safe is political suicide.

he plays the game.

if you notice same time there's vaccinations being created(prob already created), Trump is legalizing importation of canadian pharmaecuticals which will destroy the profits of big pharma. Same time he's renegotiating medicare drug prices.

He's negotiating with any pharma company to produce a safe vaccination.
One without the quantum dot nanotech.
This is why he now promotes mask wearing when he didn't before.

He knows this is the plan of the cabal to squeeze people financially during the shutdown so people will demand to be vaccinated. So his counterplan is to make a safe one. If you notice the shutdown wasn't by the feds, was by the states.
It's a genius move.

Notice how Kamala Harris is now skeptical about the safety of a Trump vaccination?

Yes I have noticed that. It's just that everything always looks like political theatre to me on both sides
so I am never sure what to think.