Debate Why do many (but not all) Conservatives hate the environment?

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I don't believe hate is the right word. We are not concerned with climate because the earth goes through periods such as global warming time and time again. History shows us this. Global warming is natural. Plastic and trash now that's a whole nother story. We do need to replace plastic asap


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I'm a conservative, and I believe the current warming trend has been greatly exacerbated by human influence on the CO2 content of the atmosphere.
But I also strongly believe that upending the economies of a handful of countries will do absolutely nothing to solve the problem and could cause more death and destruction than the warming itself. All the so-called solutions proposed by the left are nothing but feel-good positions taken to garner votes from idiots that don't understand the issue and don't really understand the problem.

Something needs to be done. But that something should address the problem. We shouldn't just do whatever comes to mind without considering the consequences, and said consequences should be weighed against the consequences of doing nothing.



I must be in a parallel timeline where the scientists didn't discover photosynthesis. The process where plants convert CO2 into carbon and oxygen. And we know for a fact that more CO2 causes a proliferation of increased vegetation. Apparently vegetation uses CO2 as a food source.

Of course nobody talks about the fact that about half the CO2 we release into the atmosphere isn't there when we go to measure for it. Seems someone noticed that forests are taking back the deserts.

If we remove the CO2 from the atmosphere the vegetation will all die. We die too without vegetation.

We'll turn into Mars.


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Trees don't really help. When they die, they release almost all the CO2 they captured.
It would take progressively more and more trees over time to act as an ever-increasing CO2 "bank" if we relied on plant life to help.
Eventually, everyone would have to be living in dense forests.

Not that I have a problem with that, it's just that trees don't grow everywhere.

Were you ever a tree hugger in your younger days Hartey? :cool:..


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It's a political thing for political gain.
That's why I reject it. Just like the war on drugs or terror is not a war on terror but a war on freedom. But don't ask me, i definitely believe nothing that comes out of that box or some hipster liberal college education.