Why do the powers that be allow this site, with all its information be accessible?

I was wondering why the people (or "beings") who control this world allow us to freely converse about time machines and other paranormal things. wouldn't they want people like us to be silenced considering the way we think may be deemed dangerous to their control.

just a thought I've been having while browsing the forum.
what do you guys think?

The answer is staring everyone in the face, imo.

Anything related to 'Conspiracy' can be relegated to Fringe Idealism.

(I.E. It's all hidden within plain sight.)

We are all within a lowered margin of truth and believability so,
we are hidden in plain sight....Until someone begins to stand out.
the castles in mario 3 having the checkerboard patterns EVERY single one of them and most belonging to the reptillian koopas whom are most likely partially based on
"kappas" japanese mythological water lizard frog turtle thingies that capture people
and take them underwater.