Debate will corona virus overwhelm the planet?

will corona virus overwhelm the planet? poll

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And yet how many do repent and change their Godless wicked ways? Everything good or bad is a direct reaction of our actions. Silly selfish poorly educated humans ☺ The solution to everything lies within each one of you, and clears through God! Have you not learned this for 2000+ years of having the manual? Stop worshipping false idols and read the manual already!
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The purpose of the hoax is to generate fear, then vaccinate and kill to turn the planet into a controlled tyranny. The vaccinations are extremely harmful
dangerous and in many cases fatal. The purpose is to reduce the world's population to 500 million so easy to enslave a bunch of people on their knees.

The perpetrators know the people in general, although not everyone, are in a process of awakening: going back to nature, eating healthy food, exercising and aware governments are against them, not for therm as governments are supposed to.

On the other hand people are growing, in some instance, claiming their rights by facing an aggressive police fighting back them and the hypocrites of the so- called governments.

Be strong, say NO to VACCINATIONS, and Hell no to HOSPITALS.